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About the application of heating device in coated paper printing

intelligent inkjet heating printing device is suitable for the printing of special paper such as coated paper, matte paper, copper bone paper and uncoated PVC medium material. It is the best product to solve the printing of uncoated paper and uncoated PVC

intelligent heating printing, then judge whether the test piece is a qualified device according to the standard, and strictly control the temperature. Intelligent printing control enables the ink droplets sprayed by the inkjet printer at high speed to solidify instantly on the uncoated paper. Without affecting the functions of the printer, the problem of printing on uncoated paper by inkjet printer is solved, and the printing output cost is effectively reduced. The function of inkjet printer comparable to digital printer is realized. Making business card production, short edition printing, digital proofing and other industries completely put and drag the traditional printing equipment. It is a necessary auxiliary tool for color printing plants, advertising companies, business card copy shops and other enterprises

printing notes on coated paper, that is, the meaning of 4-ball friction experimental machine and Timken experimental machine

1 Before printing coated paper, be sure to keep the paper dry (pay more attention when the weather is humid), especially pay attention to the flatness of the edges and corners of the paper, and do not tilt up. Otherwise, the nozzle will get stuck. The drying of coated paper can be dried in an oven to remove moisture, so that it will not deform during printing

2. When printing the reverse side after printing a batch of coated paper, it is best to wait until the ink just finished is dry before printing the reverse side, otherwise the image just printed will be scratched when printing the reverse side. (it can be dried in the oven)

3. It is best to wear gloves when holding the coated paper to be printed. Or you'll find your fingerprints on the printed image

4. And the quality is lighter. Before each mass printing, the nozzle should be checked (rotated)

intelligent inkjet heating printing device + ordinary inkjet printer = digital printer + self-adhesive printer, so that your printer has more printing fields. This chapter ends with the introduction of coated paper printing and heating device. Please continue to pay attention

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