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Zuo Anbin's success is due to his accumulated experience in the building materials industry. The rapid development of the market has made Zuo Zong more and more excellent. Countless sweat and hard work are the catalyst on the road to success

Zunyi, referred to as "Zunyi" for short, is located in the north of Guizhou Province and is a national regional tourism demonstration area. It is adjacent to Guiyang in the south, Chongqing in the north and Sichuan Province in the West. It is the throat of kunzhu going north and Sichuan Chongqing going south. Zunyi's economic aggregate ranks second in Guizhou Province. Guizhou Zunyi Ronggao is located in the global home furnishing large building materials market of Red Star Macalline, occupying an important market in Zunyi

"behind any successful thing, there must be more sweat and toil."

-- Zuo Anbin

"the building materials market is difficult to do, but we should be meticulous and refined"

president Zuo has been based in the building materials market for many years. With the changes of the building materials market, the building materials business is becoming more and more difficult to do, but President Zuo believes that in the face of such a situation, we should do it with heart and spend more time and energy thinking about problems

"to succeed, we must be more focused, dedicated and professional. Only by doing things in detail, can we have good results." President Zuo said

"use the project to improve the brand awareness of Ronggao"

Zunyi is a national tourism demonstration area. In 2018, President Zuo won a big project in GouBa, Zunyi after fierce competition with several brands. He believes that he must make Ronggao's products a well-known red culture tourist attraction

president Zuo spent a lot of energy and thought and won the project order. Using this famous tourist attraction, this huge project has successfully improved the popularity of Ronggao brand and let more people know Ronggao

"the head office is the backing of the store."

when managing Ronggao in Zunyi, Guizhou, President Zuo encountered many problems, but they were all solved one by one. Just like the sunshine house project of general manager Zuo, with the eloquence of general manager Zuo, through data collection and market analysis. And the technical support and design cooperation of the head office have solved all the problems

Zuo Anbin's success is the accumulation of experience in the building materials industry. Because of the rapid development of the market, President Zuo has become more and more excellent. Countless sweat and hard work are the catalyst on the road to success

what is success

success is a process that requires dripping sweat to irrigate

success is a kind of mentality, which requires hard-working confidence to adhere to

success is an idea that requires constant encouragement to work hard





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