Several details in bathroom decoration

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Bathroom decoration is an important step in family decoration, but many details of bathroom decoration cannot be ignored, which is related to the later use. Today, Xiaobian will tell you the eight details of bathroom decoration

1. Ceiling: due to the serious water vapor during the use of the bathroom, when purchasing and decorating the bathroom ceiling, we should choose those materials with waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti rust functions. Based on the introduction of the decoration company, do it yourself and check whether the described functions match on the Internet

2. Ground: be sure to be waterproof before laying floor tiles, and after laying tiles; Ensure that the brick surface has a drainage slope, and the slope faces the floor drain. After laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom, the closed water test must be carried out for at least 24 hours. When laying tiles, pay attention to the joint with the wall tiles to ensure the overall comfort of the entire bathroom

3. Wall: the ceramic tiles on the wall should also be moisture-proof and waterproof. When pasting ceramic tiles, they should be flat, and should be jointed and aligned with the floor tiles to ensure the integrity of the wall and the ground. If you encounter the outlet of the water pipe, the cut of the ceramic tile should be cut appropriately to make the overall appearance more perfect

4. Doors and windows: it is best to have windows in the bathroom to facilitate ventilation; In order to prevent the water in the bathroom from overflowing, the door boundary should be slightly higher than the inside of the bathroom. The gap between the door of the bathroom and the ground should be left slightly larger, which is conducive to the return air. If it is a sliding door, it is recommended to make a waterproof layer between the sliding door and the floor tiles of the bathroom

5. Circuit laying: the wire joints in the bathroom must be hung with tin, and then wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape to ensure safety; The wire body must be covered with flame-retardant tubes; All switches and sockets must have moisture-proof boxes

6. Sanitary ware: reputation is also very important for brands selected according to the budget. At the same time, pay attention to remember the distance between the drainage holes before decoration, and select the sanitary ware such as bathtub, bathroom, toilet and wash basin according to the size, so as to avoid improper size during decoration. It is best not to use the toilet within three days after installation, so as not to affect its stability





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