Because diatom mud is not that bad

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The mood depressed by the bad haze days a few days ago had a good turn at the weekend, but when I went out in the morning, I was instantly submerged in the rolling dust floating from the nearby construction site, mixed with bursts of deafening machine sound; In order to escape from this annoying crowd as soon as possible, I couldn't help but speed up my feet. Without hesitation, I knocked the heel of my shoe on the steps and broke it... It's really a leak in the house, but it rains at night, and the boat is late and hit the head wind. I feel that everything is terrible

everyone must admit that our good mood can be easily strangled by a tree, a dark cloud, a rainstorm, or even a wisp of dust, but we can't abandon life for this. I decisively pulled out the intact heel on the other side and continued to catch the bus

[birds chirp and flowers smell]

after a long journey to the company, a new diatom mud exhibition hall is coming. The colorful background of birds singing and flowers at the entrance of the exhibition hall, the blue sky and white clouds printed ceiling on the corridor, and the swimming fish and water lilies on the carved background wall of the lounge "Jiahe", all made me gradually forget the noise and dust outside; The fresh air full of negative oxygen ions washed my lungs polluted by muddy air on the road, making me feel like I was in the forest after the rain, and my bad mood dissipated

[blue sky and white clouds]

haiikea functional diatom mud takes natural diatomite as the main raw material, in which nano rare earth negative ions are added. There are 300 million particles in each gram of diatom mud, 400000 layers of particles are arranged per millimeter thickness, and more than 1100 negative oxygen ions are produced per square meter per second. It can release negative oxygen ions that are significantly auxiliary to human health for a long time, so that people can breathe fresh air at home all year round, It's like living in an ecological forest, maintaining physical and mental health

haiikea functional diatom mud, combined with the diatomite that degrades formaldehyde in inorganic environmental protection, has carefully developed functional diatom mud wall materials suitable for the various shapes of home walls. There are 45 kinds of dry powder products and 227 kinds of exclusive colors for customers to choose from in the water-based series; In terms of color brightness, it mainly focuses on falling tone, giving people visual softness, freshness and calmness, while setting off the texture of indoor furniture materials, so as to show the artistic life and taste of home owners


we may encounter more or less bad things every day, because with diatom mud, we feel that everything is not so bad! Yes, with fresh air and pleasant wall scenery, what problems can't we solve? A new day starts with a good mood, and a good mood starts with the diatom mud wall




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