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While we are shaping our home, our home is also shaping us. Wangmei door and window 197 lifting sliding door, a door creates a variety of life possibilities

while we are shaping our home, our home is also shaping us. What kind of home environment creates what kind of internal personality

likes the excitement outside,

and covets the silence at home

between closing and opening a door,

separates two spaces,

creates a variety of possibilities

simple and transparent

a balcony lifting sliding door can not only improve the lighting of the living room, but also isolate external noise. A large area of energy-saving insulating glass can not penetrate the noise through the sun, and more effectively protect personal privacy

heat insulation and energy saving

in hot summer, the temperature of the balcony is the same as that of the room. A sliding door makes the indoor air conditioning unaffected by the outside world. The design of multiple sealant strips makes the air tightness reach the highest level. No matter how large the door and window area is, it can also effectively heat insulation and energy saving, helping you spend a cool summer

strong and durable

in areas with large temperature difference between winter and summer, the general material is vulnerable to damage, deformation and other phenomena caused by climate change. The exterior of aluminum clad doors and windows is protected by aluminum materials higher than the requirements of the national standard. This material is not vulnerable to temperature changes, and is more solid and durable

the division and utilization of space by sliding doors has been given new significance in the wide space. Its reasonable push-pull design is simple and changes, meeting the order and rhythm of modern life. In addition to the above advantages, this door is also unique and innovative

1. The built-in micro ventilation function can realize the ventilation demand in the closed state, so it is easier for the elderly and children to obtain sufficient oxygen and realize air circulation during rest

2. The weight is 300-600 kg, but the operation is very light, and the elderly and children can also operate easily

using the principle of lever mechanics, as long as you gently move the special long arm handle, you can easily slide the door leaf to any position and lock it

3. Unlike the traditional manual shutter, the electric shutter is more in line with the configuration of modern smart home, saving manpower, simple and easy to operate

4. The sliding door is equipped with high-quality imported hardware, which is smooth and noiseless when opening and closing, which can realize the function of ventilation and sealing




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