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Experience the charm of wireless applications of embedded industrial computers

on March 14, 2007, Advantech launched ark-3384 embedded industrial computers to meet industrial automation, control and embedded applications with powerful wireless network connection. It provides the latest wireless network communication connection equipment based on WiFi communication equipment based on ieee802.11b/g and 54Mbps transmission rate. Ark-3384 supports 802.11b and 802.11g protocols to realize the most useful embedded computing application for wireless technology. It is equipped with Ark's excellent computing performance, low-power use, fan free design, compact solid mechanism design and easy maintenance installation. Combined with its own i/o interface for control, fast Ethernet port and dual display support, this compact ark-3384 has excellent performance in wireless POI, ticket display counter, information billboard, river (environmental protection) monitoring, logistics and M2M applications

excellent wireless networking performance

in a 264.5x69.2x137.25mm compact volume, ark-3384 provides low-power Intel Pentium m1.4ghz and low-power Intel Celeron m processor design, which enables the machine to generate very low heat during operation, and enables the low-power Intel Pentium m/low-power Intel Celeron m processor to provide excellent computing performance and fan free operation, which can meet the requirements of medical imaging Application of laboratory automation and public information terminal. The fan free design also greatly reduces the system downtime caused by fan failure and the machine maintenance is better, so that the investment of equipment can have the best return on investment. It can be upgraded to 1gbddr memory and support the latest Windows XP Embedded OS. Ark-3384 brings a high-performance and reliable application platform to meet customers' latest embedded applications. It should also be able to recycle plastic in other situations

intel 855GME or Intel 852GM chipset handles ark-3384 memory, display, storage, control and communication interfaces. It provides 400MHz front-end bus, and the integrated Intel graphics2 technology of Intel 855gme/intel852gm chipset is an effective solution to support dual independent display and provide users with flexible display configuration mode. The shared system memory allocates 64MB dynamic memory to provide 2d/3d image output satisfactory to customers, and provides the latest urban informatization applications through VGA interface or 36bitlvds connector. The combination of AC '97 audio output and dual 6W amplifiers enables ark-3384 to provide customers with more multimedia capabilities

flexible connectivity

the input/output interface that meets the needs of customers makes the ark-3384 an effective device connection in combination with RS-232 and rs-232/422/485 configuration settings. Three high-speed USB2.0 interfaces and one 10/100base-t network interface meet the application connection

ark-3384 is configured with 2.5 "The hard disk drive shockproof bracket and compactflashi/ii card slot provide efficient data storage that requires high capacity or seismic resistance. The rugged testing makes the equipment based on the ark-3384 platform perform well in harsh environments. ISRI thinks it is good. The ark-3384 vibration resistant cast aluminum mechanism is more convenient for equipment installation and comprehensive layout. The equipment has been installed in narrow space in whatever plastic packaging is adopted. The ark-3384 can be installed with DIN rail , horizontal or wall mounted installation, greatly improving the scope of equipment application

ark-3384 application in machine to machine M2M:

ark-3384 wireless application in urban informatization

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