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Creative positioning strategy of packaging design

with the increasing enrichment of China's material life, the continuous improvement of people's purchasing power, and the continuous increase of international trade after China's entry into the WTO, the differences of similar products are reduced, and the homogeneity of use value between brands is increased. Therefore, for consumers, what products can attract their attention, and what products can make them choose to buy, This puts forward higher requirements for the packaging design of similar products. Only by working on the creative positioning strategy of packaging design, can we make our products "white, red and different"

creative positioning strategy plays an extremely important role in the whole operation process of packaging design. The creative element of packaging design is mainly reflected in the strategic creativity of design. The so-called creativity, its most basic meaning refers to a creative idea, a good idea, a thing that others have never had. Of course, this thing is not made out of nothing, but recombined on the basis of existing empirical materials. Positioning strategy is a design strategy with strategic vision. It is forward-looking, purposeful, targeted and utilitarian. Of course, it also has limitations. Creative positioning strategy is the core and essential factor of successful packaging design. The following packaging creative positioning strategies play an important role in packaging design

1 differentiation strategy on product performance

differentiation strategy on product performance, that is to find out the uniqueness that similar products do not have as the focus of creative design. The research on product function, that is, performance, is the first premise for brands to go to the market and consumers. For example, "white plus black" cold medicine, take white tablets during the day without sleeping, and take black tablets at night to sleep well. Because the product is different from traditional cold medicine in function and characteristics, especially the tablet design and outer packaging design focus on black and white, so that this product is easy to compete for a favorable position in the market compared with other similar products. Some similar products are of similar quality, and their expression methods are also very similar. How to highlight the distinctive features, we can't miss any minor features in the design. For example, the packaging design of tide, Weibai, Diao Pai and other washing powder. Most industries are engine washing powder, which emphasizes cleanliness, cleanliness, freshness and quietness in the design and positioning of packaging. Therefore, green, blue, cyan and white are used in the color of packaging design to highlight its positioning idea, while tide washing powder adopts orange red series to highlight the vitality and efficiency of products. Because a large number of washing powder packages use cold colors, as a warm color product with strong contrast in color, it is certainly eye-catching, just like "a little red in the green"

2 differentiation strategy of product sales

differentiation strategy of product sales mainly refers to finding the differences of products in terms of sales objects, sales objectives, sales methods, etc. What levels of consumer groups are the products mainly aimed at, that is, the positioning of social strata, whether the consumer is men or women, young people, children or the elderly, as well as different cultures, different social status, different living habits, different psychological needs, product sales areas, sales scope, sales methods, etc., all affect and restrict all aspects of packaging design. The main consumer group of children's products is children, but in addition to the children of the target consumer group, the main consumer group is their parents and elders. Therefore, in the packaging design, in addition to considering children's preferences in graphics, colors, words and arrangements, we should also consider their parents and elders' psychology of expecting their children to succeed. Therefore, some goods are packed and printed with some knowledgeable or interesting stories. Although these contents are not very relevant to the products, they definitely capture the parents' psychology of paying attention to the intellectual development of their children. From the perspective of sales methods: first, its sales channels, and second, its sales methods. Different products will adopt different sales methods and goals in different periods, different environments, different seasons, etc. For example, this year's Nestle coffee launched a large-scale reward activity of "colorful choices, Nestle is polite" in China's traditional Mid Autumn Festival. More than a dozen products are not only packed in Chinese traditional red jackets, equipped with the pattern and words of the mid autumn moon, but also surprise and gifts, adding a layer to the fierce moon cake war. Combined with the experience of the 5 mine on the industrial chain and the long-term tracking and beautiful scenery of upstream and downstream enterprises, It also provides consumers with a new concept of interpersonal communication

3 price differentiation strategy

price is the focus of both buyers and sellers of goods, and it is also an important factor affecting product sales. Japanese scholar jenke Zhenwen said: "when it is difficult for ordinary people to correctly evaluate the quality of goods, they often take the low price quotient as the yardstick to evaluate the quality. In this case, determining the price will determine the grade of the brand and also affect the evaluation of other characteristics." If we summarize the price of a product into a triangle, the sum in this triangle is not the lowest, but a trapezoid in the middle. All this depends on the efficacy and characteristics of the product, as well as the market positioning of the target consumer groups and related similar products. The purpose of price positioning is to promote sales and increase profits, because different levels of consumption have different levels, and any price has related consumer groups. For example, "Jinlilai, men's world", from the perspective of its price positioning, is a medium and high-end product of men's clothing. The company believes that although the price of the product is a little higher, it is a sign of a person's identity, and a higher price also has a corresponding consumer group. In order to highlight its brand positioning in the outer packaging design of products. What consumers see is not only the natural value of the brand owned by the product, but also its spiritual value

4 products, but no matter how many experimental machines we produce, our testing team always maintains a high working state brand image strategy

with the continuous development of the economy, any kind of best-selling product will quickly lead to a large number of enterprises flocking to the same market, the identifiable differences between products become more and more blurred, and the differences in the use value of products become more and more insignificant. If enterprises still blindly emphasize the characteristics of products at this time, Emphasize subtle product differences, so that consumers do not recognize. On the contrary, the brand image of products is becoming more and more important. In the brand image strategy, one is to emphasize the trademark of the brand or the logo of the enterprise as the main body, and the other is to emphasize the serialization of packaging to highlight its branding. Many cigarette packages abroad are designed with brand trademarks or corporate logos, such as Marlboro, 555, Hilton, Moore, etc. Seriation packaging has made a qualitative leap due to the introduction of CIS. It not only uses a unified form, unified color tone and unified image to regulate products with different shapes, different uses and interrelated products, but also it is a visual extension of the enterprise's business philosophy, making the information value of commodities have unprecedented communication power. Shaping the brand image of the product is actually the second investment in the product and the improvement of the added value of the product

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