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With the development of information technology and the improvement of industrial maturity, the current trend of technology and industrial integration is becoming more and more obvious, which is becoming a new driving force for industrial development and economic growth. At the opening ceremony of the Seventh Cross Strait Information Industry Technology Standards Forum held in Fuzhou from October 24 to 25, Xi Guohua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, analyzed the current development trend of information technology and industry, as well as the situation and tasks facing the mainland in his keynote speech

the picture shows Xi Guohua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, giving a keynote speech

The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by zhenglizhong, executive deputy director of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office. Li Chuan, vice governor of Fujian Province, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. Chen Ruilong, chairman of Huaju foundation, and Zhu Gaofeng, chairman of China Communications Standardization Association delivered speeches respectively

The 12th Five Year Plan will continue to accelerate the development of the information industry. Xi Guohua pointed out that in the long run, the fundamentals and long-term trend of the development of the information industry have not changed, the upgrading of information technology products will be accelerated, new demands for information and communication services will continue to derive, and the information network will play the role of the engine to promote industrial upgrading and move towards the information society

Xi Guohua said that during the 12th Five year strategic opportunity period, the Ministry of industry and information technology will take the following measures to accelerate the development of the information industry

first, strengthen the guidance of planning policies and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Maintain the stability of industrial policies and introduce policies to further support the development of key industries such as integrated circuits, software and new display devices

support enterprises of complete machines and new flat panel display devices to enjoy preferential tax policies for high-tech enterprises. We should give play to the leading role of major national science and technology projects, strengthen policy support, make full use of limited resources, and turn them into real productive forces. Encourage and support the merger and reorganization of advantageous enterprises, integrate resources, and become bigger and stronger

second, continue to implement the policy of expanding domestic demand and constantly tap the market development potential. We will continue to move household appliances to the countryside and trade in old ones for new ones, improve varieties and quality, and meet consumer demand. Promote domestic demand to support industrial growth, accelerate 3G construction, and play a leading role in the upgrading of information infrastructure and major engineering construction. Expand software networking services, cultivate emerging formats such as e-commerce, support the development of emerging industries such as online animation, and cultivate new consumption characteristics

third, implement the broadband strategy and promote the innovation and transformation of the communication industry. Accelerate the development of next-generation mobile communication and next-generation interconnection, especially pay the lead screws on both sides with butter to speed up the evolution of td to LTE and the transition to 4G. Promote the R & D and industrialization of IOT. Steadily promote the pilot work of "Three Integrations" and establish a national standard system to adapt to "Three Integrations". We will strengthen the development of new technologies and new businesses, focus on information and communication technology integrated services and fixed mobile integration services, and accelerate the transformation of traditional communication services to integrated, multimedia and integrated information services

fourth, promote industrialization with informatization and promote the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization. We will focus on developing core basic industries such as integrated circuits and key components. Give full play to the role of information technology in promoting enterprise management reform, reduce production and management costs, and build a new production mode that is flexible, networked, intelligent and service-oriented. Comprehensively transform and upgrade traditional industries with informatization, and accelerate the application of information technology in R & D and design, intelligent manufacturing, modern management, etc. We should increase the application of information technology industry in green production in this field, promote economic development to get rid of dependence on resources and reduce environmental constraints

fifth, expand opening-up to achieve win-win cooperation. We will continue to vigorously support the transfer of electronic information manufacturing and service industries, including Taiwan funded ones, to the mainland, and encourage various enterprises to establish R & D centers in the mainland. Support the expansion of exports of high value-added products and overseas mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, realize the transformation and upgrading of processing trade, and enhance international competitiveness. Strive to grasp the new opportunities brought by undertaking international service outsourcing business. We will strive to promote the construction of public service platforms for service outsourcing, and take software outsourcing services as the starting point to innovate and develop the information service industry

put forward a three-point initiative to strengthen cross-strait cooperation and exchanges

Xi Guohua said that at present, the economic development of both sides of the Strait is facing rare opportunities. On September 12 this year, the Cross Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ec-fa) came into force, marking a new starting point for cross strait economic relations and a new era of mutual benefit, win-win and cooperative development. There is a huge space for the development of the information industry on both sides of the Strait. We should strengthen planning guidance and policy support, strengthen the forward-looking layout for the cooperation of the information industry on both sides of the Strait, improve the core competitiveness, and create a new situation of win-win cooperation on both sides of the Strait. Xi Guohua put forward three proposals as long as we do well

strengthen policy support and create a good cooperation environment. The information industry is the most complementary industry in cross-strait industrial cooperation. Cross linked polyethylene pipe DIN 16892 (2) 000 is a key area of cross-strait industrial cooperation. We will continue to expand the areas in which Taiwan enterprises invest in the mainland and create a good policy environment. Support and help Taiwan funded enterprises in the mainland to innovate independently and realize transformation and upgrading. Encourage Taiwan funded enterprises in the mainland to accelerate the pace of transfer to the central and western regions. Encourage and support competent enterprises from the mainland to invest in Taiwan. It is also hoped that the relevant parties in Taiwan, proceeding from the goal of promoting economic development, will create a good environment for industrial cooperation, promote the cooperation of enterprises in the field of high technology, and create a fast track for investment, trade and technical cooperation

deepen communication and actively expand cooperation areas. The information industry has become a hot spot of cooperation, with gradually improved levels, constantly broadened fields and increasingly enriched forms. We hope to further establish a communication mechanism that is more in line with the industrial needs of both sides of the Strait, and form a good situation in which exchanges promote cooperation and cooperation promote exchanges. Further summarize the successful experience of the forum, explore and establish a long-term mechanism of the forum, give play to the catalytic role of the forum in industrial development, and promote cooperation in technology research and development, investment cooperation, quality evaluation, market procurement, channel sharing, brand promotion, etc

focus on hot spot research and strive to make major breakthroughs. Take advantage of the domestic demand market advantages of the mainland and the advantages of Taiwan's global production and sales network, promote complementary advantages, speed up the integration of industrial chains, and achieve coordinated development. Deepen cooperation in TD, digital audio and video, LED lighting, mobile storage, green manufacturing and other fields

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