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In recent years, engineers and product designers have increasingly realized a secret that little bees have long known, that is, even if a very thin material is built into a six sided honeycomb shape, it will be a more powerful structure than any other shape

for companies that want to reduce the use of difficult materials, this is a very important discovery, which means that they can increase the use of recycled paper products, so that paper can be used in other aspects. Therefore, many companies have promoted honeycomb paper products in recent years. These paper products themselves can be placed at the peony ring. 5. Transmission system: the transmission part of the electronic universal testing machine is mainly made of two kinds of substances, or this universal data testing machine can be used to test a lot of data, and it is easy to handle on the body

many transportation companies transporting fragile goods have found that honeycomb paper products have greater uses. They can prevent goods from being damaged better than corrugated paper sheets with corrugated interlayer. In addition, office furniture manufacturers also use paper corners made of honeycomb paperboard when shipping to protect the corners of furniture from being damaged

honeycomb paper products are pressed with an average force, even making them used for military purposes. Some tools dropped by parachute are first protected by honeycomb or cardboard. Even creatures such as jeeps will be tied to the honeycomb paper platform to absorb the impact force of the jeep landing

the protective effect of honeycomb form structure on falling is its six sided shape. Due to the arrangement of multiple walls, the resistance of honeycomb paper fibers to extrusion pressure is much higher than that of any circular or square part

other people in the shipping industry also use honeycomb paper with strong concentration to pack refrigerators, cooking stoves and dishwashers instead of styrofoam. Some packaging companies use it instead of wood. Although the latter can also be recycled, the friction coefficient of plastic film is rarely a major target for people to do so

another more creative use of honeycomb paper is to use it to make building materials. A company in Minneapolis, USA, has begun to sell honeycomb paperboard. These paperboards can be connected to build a small structure, which is very suitable for separating small offices in the middle of plants, or for separating open structures

the honeycomb "paper house" produced by another American company has even been added with air conditioning, heating and humidity control instruments to create a controlled environment to cultivate a special mushroom plant

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