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Create excellent products and highlight technical advantages

exclusive interview with Luo Dinghao, general manager of Dongguan Dengsheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

the indissoluble relationship between YYC rack and it has load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load ⑵ point extension figure

Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry has been attracting global attention. Since 2008, Mr. Luo Dinghao has introduced the YYC rack made in Taiwan to the mainland for the first time. As a leader in the rack manufacturing industry, YYC grinding rack has long been known in the industry for its high precision and high reliability materials

in the mainland market, YYC products provided by Dengsheng precision are also recognized by users because of the following special advantages: the highest precision of grinding rack can reach din5 precision, and the surface roughness is 0.8; It not only provides straight teeth rack, but also provides oblique teeth grinding rack at any angle; It not only produces standard catalogue products, but also carries out customized processing according to user needs to help customers improve their value in the whole design and manufacturing process

nowadays, YYC products have been applied in CNC tool machines, milling machines, drilling machines, factory automation rapid load transfer mechanisms, robot arm grabbing mechanisms, intelligent three-dimensional warehouses and other fields, and because they can provide m1.5~m12 racks with different modules, YYC products have completely replaced ball screws, cylinders, linear motors and other linear transmission products in a general scheme of gb/t 5286 ⑵ 001 flat washers for bolts, screws and nuts on some occasions, Very cost-effective. In the global market, YYC products are also exported to 26 countries and regions with excellent performance. Dengsheng precision is the only enterprise with more than 1million inventory of YYC rack in the mainland at present

at present, many domestic enterprises are also manufacturing racks, but the breakthrough lies in accuracy and materials. Take the material as an example. At present, the general material of rack in the mainland is No. 35 steel. The general material of rack in Taiwan is 45 steel. In 2013, this kind of steel will also be mentioned as No. 50, which means that the service life and hardness of the rack will reach a new level. At the same time, the internal rack has no tempering treatment on the hardening treatment, and the tooth surface is brittle but not tough. Generally speaking, the mainland rack is basically offline and still needs time to improve

however, due to its initial positioning of medium and high-end, its competitors naturally avoid mainland enterprises

among the international rack front-line enterprises that can be called competitors, Ruizhen industry and trade has always won the recognition of users with high inventory and fast delivery. In addition, Ruizhen industry and trade also has its own characteristics in some key service equipment. For example, Dengsheng precision has its own straightening machine, which can correct the deformed rack

talking about the future development of the rack, Mr. Luo Dinghao said that at present, the whole market is online, especially in the field of automation. With the increase of per capita wages and the requirements for speed, the rack will have a broader prospect. On the other hand, from the perspective of product substitution, the rack is gradually replacing the screw due to the wide modulus, occupying the screw market share. Of course, because the price of rack is higher than that of screw, what Ruizhen industry and trade urgently needs to do at present is to let users understand and accept the long-term benefits brought by choosing rack

win the market with high-end reducer positioning and high cost performance

compared with the high-end agency and promotion of rack, the production and development of reducer pay more attention to autonomy and independence. This is also a solid step for Ruizhen industry and trade to move towards brand autonomy

due to the low threshold of the reducer, the most common problem encountered by Dengsheng precision when it used to act as an agent of the reducer was the large difference in product quality and high defect rate. At the same time, in the market, there are also a large number of enterprises that cut corners because they want to reduce costs, and then many sequelae appear

therefore, since the research and development of independent reducer, Dengsheng precision has positioned itself at the high end, trying to win customers with high quality and reduce after-sales service

generally speaking, the quality of reducer products will be measured from the aspects of accuracy, stability and the number of broken shafts. In order to ensure the accuracy and stability of products, the specific scheme of Dengsheng precision from the design source is to install displacement sensors and pressure sensors on the experimental machine to check. At present, Dengsheng precision design team consists of 3 people, all of whom have rich experience and professional technical reserves in the field of reducer. In order to ensure that the reducer keeps rotating at high speed, Ruizhen industry and trade has used many high-cost materials. In some process points, Dengsheng precision is the full cost. One data shows that in the broach link, the broach of the inner gear ring of the reducer of other enterprises only costs 4 yuan, while the broach of Dengsheng precision gear reporting machine costs 120 yuan

the increase of cost will affect the price of products to a certain extent. However, its cost performance is unmatched by ordinary reducers. This is also one of the mysteries that Dengsheng precision reducer can be called high-end

another mystery is that Dengsheng precision reducer is not limited to the development of ordinary planetary reducer. In 2013, bsg/bsf series harmonic reducers developed by Dengsheng precision for three years were officially launched. Its feature is higher accuracy. Compared with the three planetary gears in the center of the planet, the flexible gear is designed in the middle of the harmonic reducer. When the reducer is running, the flexible gear made of alloy steel will be deformed to meet the needs of accelerating technological innovation, such as high functionality, high speed, high load capacity, high density and refinement

as far as we know, Dengsheng precision is the sixth enterprise in the world to develop harmonic reducers. In application, it is positioned as the robot field. Since the life cycle of harmonic gear reducer is generally maintained at 10000 hours, Dengsheng precision will more accurately position the market as the robot maintenance market

Mr. Luo Dinghao commented on this market and believed that it was the time for the juicer to squeeze properly: because the service life of the harmonic reducer was limited, starting from the maintenance market, on the one hand, avoiding the price war, on the other hand, there was indeed more space in the maintenance market. For example, in Taiwan electronics factory, 1000 mechanical arms were very common. If maintenance was to be done, the maintenance market capacity would be about 5million yuan, Supplying oneortwo larger customers is enough to keep the product alive

at present, the sales volume of this product in Taiwan is greater than that in the mainland. In the mainland, Dengsheng precision has entered the market since June 5.0, and is now negotiating with some international front-line robot enterprises. At the same time, he said that Dengsheng precision will continue to launch faster angular speed, higher precision and variable speed two speed spindle reducer. At present, there are three enterprises that have successfully developed products in this field, and the main market in the future will be machine tools

servo system is another masterpiece in 2013. The promotion of servo system is another development focus of Dengsheng precision in 2013. At present, the servo system promoted by Dengsheng precision is mainly the SSD and CSD servo system of Heda technology, which has the characteristics of stable speed, high torque, low vibration, simple and fast, and can meet the functional requirements of customers in torque, speed, positioning, synchronous tracking and so on. In addition, the absolute resolution of single revolution is adjustable, and the power is from 400W to 50KW

compared with European servo, its outstanding advantage lies in price. Compared with Japanese servo, its outstanding advantage lies in its full function. The driver has motion control function, which can be used with man-machine. Its development engineers come from Europe, and the main architecture and main chip also adopt the most cutting-edge parts in Europe

although this series of products only entered the mainland market this year, they have been widely used in Taiwan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Brazil and other regions

at present, the bus of this product is 485. Mr. Luo Dinghao revealed that the CAN bus product will be available in October, and in 2014, the servo will be on the EtherCAT bus to make up for the incompleteness of the bus

in addition, Mr. Luo Dinghao also talked about the confusion he encountered in promoting servo: at present, the mainland servo market is mainly price led. On the one hand, users require good technology, on the other hand, users require cheap products. To make them satisfied, they can only go step by step. Through communication, they can step by step understand and accept the concept that a set of man-machine and a set of servo can operate and the overall cost can be reduced. At present, Dengsheng precision will take the field of high-speed displacement manipulator such as retrieval as its main industry

at the same time, taking into account the large motor variables and uncontrollable motor sales price and other factors, Ruizhen industry and trade is adjusting its previous strategy of supporting sales of motors and drives, and instead cooperates with domestic motor enterprises to provide them with drives. Relevant projects are under negotiation

talking about the future development of servo, Mr. Luo Dinghao believes that high-power servo is an important trend, and the improvement of motor demagnetization, torque and service life will also be the focus

the ever-changing global economy is like a rough sea, where passion and risk coexist, and opportunities and challenges coexist. With the goal of market innovation and the purpose of serving customers, Dengsheng precision strives to create excellent products, and is committed to becoming a world-renowned professional transmission equipment supplier, providing high-quality products and service solutions for more machine tool enterprises

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