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The campus market has always been a place for businesses to compete. As a well-known scene interaction service provider, Qu site (the experimental machine factory of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which mainly produces experimental machines) has been at conferences, annual meetings At the same time as the wedding was well done, stanyl fortii xs85, which is also fully committed to the University DSM this year, as the only material that meets all performance requirements, has become the ultimate choice market for Xiaomi technology, and is committed to creating more diversified and dynamic campus activities, making campus activities more distinctive and colorful

at present, aiming at the campus market, the fun site has expanded to major universities across the country in the form of national recruitment of campus Ambassadors (). As soon as the growth plan of campus ambassadors was launched, it has received positive response from colleges and universities across the country. The fun site has vigorously carried out the plan of comprehensively distributing the campus market, striving to spread the brand influence of the fun site to every university. The technical indicators of 2.4 product safety requirements are more comprehensive. Two ways are used to make campus activities more enriched and colorful. One is that the site provides the standard version function of the site large screen products for free through the activities independently held by the campus ambassadors of various colleges and universities, which fully reflects the spirit of Internet sharing of the site; Second, the fun scene will also join hands with many well-known brands to enter the campus, bringing students a more perfect event feast

I. fun site takes you around campus activities

graduation season is coming, how can the graduation party be less fun site - big screen? In the past, the graduation ceremony was just a singing and dancing performance form. Now major colleges and universities have well integrated the large screen interaction into the activities, and the on-site atmosphere has increased exponentially. The students were frightened by this novel interactive experience. Their hearts pounded again and again. The bullet screen made their brain hole capacity set a new record again. Shaking it also made their butterfly sleeves become muscles in an instant, making all the students unable to stop playing at all

in addition to being loved by everyone at parties and ceremony level activities, the fun scene is also popular with everyone at lectures, knowledge sharing meetings and even entertainment activities such as E-sports competitions, which can not only make you absorb all kinds of dry goods, but also make the atmosphere more relaxed and pleasant

second, Wang Sicong is here, and there is something on the fun scene

some time ago, the fun scene joined hands with panda TV to enter Beijing University of science and technology to make the campus singer competition different. During the event, the good wishes from President Wang Sicong appeared on the big screen, instantly the event scene exploded, and the students finally interacted with their national husbands on the scene. As a partner of the youth leaders summit, I witnessed the opening ceremony of the first phase of Qingling college while bringing an interactive experience, which also brought a different color to the opening ceremony and fixed an unforgettable opening ceremony

in recent days, there are also interesting on-site lecturers in Tencent cloud + campus campus tour speeches. The speeches of each school are so dry, but what we miss more is the scene of students shaking madly, shaking so hard and playing so excited

what wonderful interactions will the upcoming 2016 music radio music high song campus tour, vocal brothers campus tour and other activities bring to the fun scene? It is reported that the newly created tabletop version of the bullet screen on the fun site will be unveiled for the first time in the 2016 music radio sound of Master Kang's campus trip, breaking the previous singleness of the large screen, so that video playback and bullet screen can be carried out at the same time. Everyone can participate in the event together, so that you can get close to the guests and stars at the scene at zero distance, and send you unlimited love and praise for them. More importantly, you will expect something after interaction, Because they will also give you the most sincere blessing

as an upgraded brand of the big screen team, fun scene has reconstructed a new form of scene interactive marketing with more interesting and richer on-site interaction. On site campus ambassadors are being recruited. Join us! Let's make campus activities more interesting, more energetic, more diversified and more lingering

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