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Solve the problem of high energy consumption and provide a new engine for energy conservation

"now many buildings have serious high energy consumption. As a 'professional doctor' of energy management, we hope to diagnose the energy consumption problem of high energy consumption buildings and prescribe a good medicine for them." Bai Lu, manager of Johnson Controls (China) energy department, said at the press conference of one-stop energy solutions

Asian Development Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Johnson Controls signed an energy management cooperation agreement. Standard Chartered Bank will assist Johnson Controls and provide strong financial support for the energy transformation of private enterprises in China. Not long after, they released a one-stop energy solution, providing specific solutions for energy management. Under what circumstances are these plans to promote the wide body airliner and heavy helicopter projects; Organize and hold meetings of the China EU/China Netherlands/China France intergovernmental Aviation Working Group and relevant science and technology exchange meetings; Proposed at the meeting of the automotive working group under the China EU and China France cooperation mechanism? What is unique about its energy-saving way as the world's fastest-growing product? What impact will they have on the industry

the government cultivates the energy-saving market

in recent years, a large number of business buildings have appeared everywhere, and the total energy consumption of buildings has increased year by year. The energy consumption of large public buildings is two to three times that of western developed countries. According to the data provided by the Ministry of energy of Johnson (China), if the life cycle of a building is 40 years, the initial construction investment accounts for 16% of the total cost, the financial cost accounts for 17% and the cost of paying various energy consumption in the operation of the building accounts for 73%. Insiders said that for a long time, China's large-scale buildings have implemented extensive management mode, and the energy consumption in the operation of buildings is huge, so there is a lot of energy-saving space here

with the continuous deepening of China's energy conservation work, relevant departments have gradually realized the problem of high energy consumption in building operation, and have issued various laws and regulations to carry out energy conservation work in the whole society. The energy conservation law revised by the National People's Congress last year mentioned that the State encourages the use of new wall materials and various energy-saving equipment in the energy-saving transformation of new and existing buildings, The regulations on energy conservation in public institutions and the regulations on energy conservation in civil buildings, which were implemented nationwide on October 1 this year, promote the management of energy consumption quotas, which is in line with the spirit of the energy conservation law. The introduction of these laws and regulations shows that the energy-saving cause guided by the government has entered a substantive operation stage, setting off a new upsurge of energy-saving work

when the government publicizes the concept of energy conservation to the public, it has also cultivated a large-scale energy-saving market

many enterprises aim at the opportunities contained in the energy-saving market and adjust their business strategies to find new economic growth points. Beijing Taihao Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. has launched the BEMS building electrical energy-saving overall solution. Through the collection and analysis of data, the strong and weak current systems of the whole system are optimized to achieve efficient, energy-saving, economic and coordinated operation. Coincidentally, Johnson Controls used the self-developed "sustainable development solution navigation tool" in China in March to investigate the needs of sustainable development and improvement measures. The results showed that transportation energy conservation, increasing the use of renewable resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and building energy conservation have become common concerns. Then, based on these needs, it proposed a one-stop energy solution

issue a "new prescription" for energy conservation

although China vigorously promotes building energy conservation from top to bottom, this work is not fruitful. Industry insiders have pointed out that China's energy conservation work is "thunderous, little rain". Bai Lu, manager of the energy department of Johnson Controls in China, told that building energy conservation is a complex and cumbersome system engineering. It is necessary to analyze the energy consumption in the building, diagnose the causes of energy consumption problems, and find out the most suitable solutions. However, China's energy-saving transformation work is still in the preliminary stage. Some buildings claim to carry out energy-saving transformation, which only improves the local lighting, air conditioning and other single systems. There is no systematic and comprehensive management of all the energy in the buildings in China

in view of the current energy consumption situation in China, which is more likely to cause failure under impact load, Johnson Controls announced the energy solution in China, which includes: relying on its own technical advantages, helping customers obtain the LEED certificate formulated by the U.S. Energy Construction Council USGBC, reducing 20%~30%% of power resources, 35%~40%% of water use, and 50%~60%% of greenhouse gas emissions; Participate in the whole process of system commissioning and operation of the project as a third party, improve the design objectives, complete the tasks of the commissioning personnel, and train the operation and maintenance personnel by assisting the owner, design team, construction contractor and future operation and maintenance personnel, so that all systems in the building can operate efficiently; Try the contract energy management mode, and provide customers with a series of services such as energy-saving project design, project financing and equipment purchase, installation, maintenance, operation and management by providing users with energy-saving transformation schemes; In cooperation with the Asian Development Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, the bank provides early-stage financial support for those buildings that need to be renovated. Users will repay the bank loan after seeing the benefits of the renovation. In the whole process, Standard Chartered Bank allocated the loan funds directly to Johnson Controls to monitor the use of the loan. They also provided relevant reports to the Asian Development Bank, which invested 800million yuan as project guarantee

Chen Runsheng, vice president and executive director of Johnson Controls' building facility benefit business in China, pointed out that compared with ordinary buildings, energy-saving buildings can save 8% - 12% of operating costs, and the return cycle of economic benefits is 3-5 years. Investing in energy-saving facilities can help users recover funds in advance

resolve technical and financial problems

insiders have analyzed that there are two reasons for the difficulties in implementing building energy conservation in China: the lack of professional companies, many energy-saving companies claim to be able to provide energy solutions for buildings, most of them only focus on a certain aspect of air conditioning and lighting in buildings, and do not systematically and comprehensively manage energy; Lack of energy-saving transformation funds, for those private enterprises that operate independently and are responsible for their own profits and losses, intelligent transformation needs to bear the corresponding risks, and many enterprises do not know what benefits can be brought by energy-saving transformation. Therefore, the early capital investment has become a major constraint on the intelligent transformation of the building

this time, Johnson Controls introduced LEED certification from the United States and the whole process of system commissioning and operation, integrating all systems to provide customers with a comprehensive solution. In addition, they signed an agreement with the Asian Development Bank, which provides a guaranteed loan of 800million yuan for China's energy transformation projects. Johnson Controls can obtain a huge amount of loan from Standard Chartered Bank to provide capital, technology and complete solutions for the owner. After the owner gets the income, he will pay the corresponding fees to Johnson Controls. This way solves the long-standing capital problem, Enterprises are almost at "zero risk" "Accepting energy-saving transformation services under the condition of" has reduced the risk of enterprises, which has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

although Johnson's measures, in addition to making bulletproof vests and other military products, are commendable, some industry insiders believe that the contracted energy management model started very late in China, and some owners are dishonest and do not operate according to the contract, which is very easy to conflict with energy management enterprises. However After similar disputes, the state has not formulated corresponding legal provisions. The contract energy management mode is a new thing in China, which is in its infancy, and has not established a benign operation mechanism. In the case of non-standard, it is very difficult for enterprises to obtain huge profits. Bai Lu believes that everything is difficult at the beginning. Although energy conservation is in its infancy and faces many difficulties, we will explore the best solutions in continuous practice

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