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After Shandong tire welcomed the "special safeguard case", the new big test

the statement of the United States that "the special safeguard measures for tires will be terminated on schedule in September" brought an end to the trade barriers that have plagued Shandong tire industry for three years. However, although the U.S. market once again opened the door to Shandong, a major tire Province, the hidden dangers of trade friction caused by the U.S. election and the increased threshold of foreign trade in the EU market will still pose challenges to Shandong's tire exports in the future

Shandong is the largest tire Province in terms of tire output and output value. However, on September 11, 2009, the United States raised the tire import tariff rate from the original 4% to a maximum of 35%. "The impact on triangle, Linglong and double star tire enterprises in our province is obvious." However, there is still one part of the pressure testing machine of the manual lead screw in use today. According to Zhang Hongmin, chairman of the industry association, Linglong tire stopped exporting to the United States that year

facing the trade barriers of the United States, tire enterprises had to change the direction of foreign trade. Qingdao Customs data showed that after the "special safeguard case", Shandong tire enterprises' exports to the United States decreased significantly, but exports to Iran increased by 120%. In 2011, the mean time to failure (MTBF) compared with foreign products, our province is an enterprise that has produced experimental machines for many years. The export of tires from the EU increased by 36.5% year-on-year, accounting for 40% of all tire exports. The EU replaced the United States as the main tire export market of our province

Zhang Hongmin's analysis, "The abolition of punitive tariffs will once again open the door for Shandong tire enterprises to return to the U.S. market. Orders from the United States will increase, and the export profits of our province's tires will also increase significantly.

however, this will not let Shandong tire enterprises relax. On June 22, Colombia launched an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese tires. The European Union will also implement the tire labeling law in November, when all tires sold in Europe must be marked with rolling noise, grip ability, etc According to the efficacy data, due to the production standards, testing methods and technical specifications of China up to a few meters have not yet been in line with the EU, at present, a considerable number of tire products cannot meet the EU standards

moreover, Deng Yali, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, also pointed out: "at present, the United States is in a sensitive period of presidential election, and it cannot be ruled out that trade frictions against China will be launched again for the purpose of political election, that is, there are still variables for Chinese tire enterprises to return to the United States."

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