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Weiquan technology signed the General Manager CRM to help build a high-tech enterprise

recently, Shenzhen Weiquan Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu General Manager Software Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement. Use the general housekeeper customer relationship management system, establish a customer-centric, advanced enterprise management mode, and finally build the enterprise into a high-tech enterprise

Shenzhen Weiquan Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, specializing in water purification and treatment equipment. Weiquan is one of the largest production bases to overcome the difficulty of water purifier in China. It has the advantage of independently developing water purifier abrasives. The company's R & D team has successively developed four series of products, including water purifier series, energy direct drinking water series, kitchen water purifier series, and central water purification series

the company adheres to the principle of being a man first, then doing things, and doing good deeds. It adheres to the simple principle that quality is supreme -- only by making a good core can we produce good water, and adheres to the purpose of investing in science and technology and returning to the society. It is our responsibility to reduce the harm of human drinking water, our goal is to protect the source of life, and our social mission is that people can drink healthy and good water

in recent years, the company has invested heavily in the research and development of kitchen water purifiers, energy direct drinking water purifiers and other series of products, which can adopt different configurations according to different regional water quality, so that the quality of products has risen to a higher level. Weiquan brand products are highly praised and praised by the industry for their high quality and low price. However, while being highly praised by customers and improving economic benefits, they also encounter many problems in enterprise management. The surge in the number of customers and the large volume of business services of the sales department led to the confusion of the management of the warehouse financial department and disrupted the unified management of the whole enterprise. The management of Weiquan technology is also aware of the existence of these problems. The design requirements, type experiments, signs and quality control of the top covers of collecting wells and inspection wells in motor vehicle areas and pedestrian areas bsen124:1994 have decided to use a modern and advanced CRM system to manage the whole enterprise. After many aspects of comparison and evaluation, the General Manager CRM customer relationship management system was finally selected

the General Manager CRM system is the result of continuous research and development of Chengdu General Manager Software Co., Ltd. for 11 years. The system is a CRM system that takes customers as the center, focuses on improving customer satisfaction and cultivating customer loyalty. Help enterprises realize the integrated process management of customers, sales and warehouse finance. Help salesmen manage customer resources, effectively improve sales performance and prevent customer loss

after Weiquan technology implemented the General Manager CRM system, the process management level of all departments of the enterprise has been significantly improved. The general housekeeper's perfect customer management helps the salesperson manage the customer resources uniformly, and all the data is entered into the system. According to the specification of the sling, it is convenient for the management to view the salesperson's specific follow-up situation. The orderly follow-up process is conducive to the salesperson to develop and tap new customer resources while maintaining old customers, and is conducive to improving sales performance. The management of the sales module of the general manager includes the management of sales orders and quotations. You can customize and print sales orders to pave the way for the orderly operation of the warehouse department. The financial department manages the sales collection and invoicing, and the management of cash bank. After the salesperson clinches a deal with the customer, the financial personnel carries out the sales collection and invoicing, and the warehouse personnel can issue the warehouse order to issue the products ordered by the customer

through this cooperation with the general manager software, the overall management level of Weiquan technology has been significantly improved, the overall business volume of the enterprise has increased, and all departments cooperate closely, injecting fresh vitality into the development of the enterprise, making the enterprise efficient management to a new level

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