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Introduction to the printing industry: create a market atmosphere of competition and cooperation

at present, some industries in China are over invested, the problem of overcapacity is becoming increasingly prominent, product prices are falling, and corporate profits are reduced. So, is the printing industry in a state of over investment? Different people have different opinions on this issue

some people think that the excessive expansion has led to the decline of labor prices and insufficient construction, which has affected the normal development of the industry. Some people think that the general overcapacity is still insufficient, and the fine printing capacity is still insufficient. Some people think that the overseas market is vast, and Chinese enterprises should actively strive to expand overseas printing business to make up for the lack of living resources in the Chinese printing market. Some people think that foreign printing enterprises have entered the Chinese printing industry with great fanfare, The fundamental purpose is to covet China's printing market. This article has no intention to intervene in the contention, but just wants to point out that it is urgent for insiders to work together to create a market where competition and cooperation coexist. If printing managers lack a sense of market, reduce wages and participate in vicious competition, it is bound to affect the long-term development of the entire industry. The glass manufacturing industry and the color TV manufacturing industry have fought a price war, which has led to the recession of the whole industry. We should take warning from this

there must be competition on the road of market economy. On the one hand, competition promotes the development of the industry, promotes product innovation, and urges management improvement; On the other hand, competition turns shopping malls into battlefields, making some people check their disconnection rate without a certain number of times and choose means to achieve their goals and induce corruption. In fact, competition and cooperation are not contradictory. Many times, only the full cooperation of peers and companies can reduce costs and ensure the completion of short cycle production tasks. However, after the reform and opening up, the enterprises that have transferred from the planned economy obviously feel the pressure of competition, so the competition side is fully carried out, and the cooperation side is almost gone. Most enterprises only consider the immediate survival problems and ignore the long-term development of the industry. It was not until there was a heavy burden that everyone realized the seriousness of the problem and began to consciously solve the common problems affecting the development of the industry

to create a market atmosphere in which competition and cooperation coexist and form an orderly and mutually beneficial competitive situation, the following issues deserve attention

first, have a good attitude and focus on the overall situation

investment is different from speculation. It is a relatively long-term behavior. The investment in the printing industry is the same. C/c matrix composites are the most valued new materials with higher temperature resistance in recent years. Therefore, investors should be prepared to catch too much fish for a long time, and avoid being eager for quick success and instant benefits. With the improvement of the technical content of printing equipment, the threshold of printing investment is also rising. The investment in purchasing a Heidelberg printing press and related auxiliary equipment is close to 10 million yuan. It is obviously not easy to recover these investments in oneortwo years. If enterprises do not hesitate to lower wages and use low-grade raw and auxiliary materials in order to survive at present, the equipment will be damaged in the end, the investment payback period will be longer, and the future living environment will become more severe

on the contrary, if investors have a good attitude, starting from maintaining the investment environment, determine the labor price according to the reasonable cost, do not engage in vicious competition, and are not tempted by the success or failure of the current single business, the investors must ultimately benefit. If investors can take a long-term view, pay attention to talent training and the sustainable development of enterprises, the situation will be better

second, macro-control, balance between supply and demand

generally speaking, manufacturers can maintain better product prices when supply exceeds demand. On the contrary, when supply exceeds demand, manufacturers have to lower prices and compete, taking the road of small profits but quick turnover. However, price reduction competition does not mean falling below the cost line and fishing with all your strength. Because operating below the cost line, twice is OK, ten times eight times is obviously unbearable, there is no return on investment, and what is the significance of investment? 7 because our country's statistical work is not in place, doing things is often keen to coax, so Ping, saying that printing is an urban industry, everyone invests in printing, saying that China's per capita paper consumption and per capita annual book purchases are much lower than those of developed countries, Printing enterprises are all eager to take a share. As everyone knows, our national conditions are different from those of developed countries. The per capita income is not as high as others. The per capita cultural water price is not the only weapon of competition. The key is that enterprises need to have their own unique skills. There is a long way to go to reach the level of developed countries, not to mention the impact of various emerging media forms on printing. From this perspective, it is very important for the government to play the role of macro-control, release accurate information in time and guide market investment

third, mutual trust and solidarity

understanding and friendship are more important than anything. Enterprises should promote competition and cooperation on stage. If there is a lack of mutual integrity, a gentleman on stage has just agreed to give up implementation immediately. How can a good competitive environment be formed

at present, the competition for printing business at low wages has expanded from domestic business competition to international business competition. As a result, the Chinese people have paid hard work, and their income is limited. On the contrary, they have consumed a lot of unrenewable resources. If they do not do well in some fields, they will be labeled as dumping. Whether to pay these costs to become a manufacturing power without intellectual property rights is worth thinking about. Only by standardizing market behavior and taking the road of both competition and cooperation in an orderly and mutually beneficial environment can we achieve the goal of common development

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's printing industry developed rapidly, foreign capital entered China one after another, private enterprises rose one after another, traditional state-owned enterprises vigorously promoted technological transformation, and the energy levels of new enterprises and equipment increased rapidly, which greatly increased production capacity. Although with the development of economy, the whole society also has new demand for printing, it is an indisputable fact that there is overcapacity and insufficient construction. As a result, wages fell and profits went lower and lower. Accompanied by the rise of energy prices and the increase of employees' expectations of capital increase, enterprises are in a busy but rarely profitable painful situation. In the long run, it is obviously unbearable, and the further development of the industry will become empty talk

in recent years, although the printing and binding prices in Shanghai have also continued to decline, the printing prices of rotary machines are still higher than those in the Pearl River Delta region and the Bohai Rim region. A very important reason is that the expansion of rotary machines has been controlled in recent years, and has not yet reached the point of imbalance between supply and demand. In addition, after the first round of price reduction competition with each other, these enterprises holding rotary printing presses realized that blindly taking the road of price reduction competition may lead to both losses. The printing enterprises that participated in the competition did not increase much business, but lost profits simultaneously with their rivals, hurting others but not benefiting themselves. Besides, price is not the only weapon. The key is that enterprises should have their own unique skills. With this consensus, these enterprises have formed a tacit understanding that they will not participate in the competition or symbolically participate in the competition for the basic business of each enterprise, and the new business is another matter. When encountering a large order that is difficult to be completed by well enterprises with abundant personnel, they jointly organize production at mutually agreed prices, so as to maintain a relatively high labor price. Even if there is a decline, it is not as rapid as that in other regions. This kind of atmosphere and way should be advocated in the industry

focusing on the formation of an orderly and mutually beneficial competitive situation in the industry and the avoidance of vicious competition, the author also heard some very touching examples from the old comrades of the printing association. One is about the iron printing container industry. There are more than 100 iron printing enterprises nationwide, of which more than 30 have formed large-scale production capacity. A few years ago, the competition around beer bottle caps was also very fierce, and the profits were measured in cents, and 13 were getting more and more difficult. In response to this situation, Zhai Zhirong, a 74 year old veteran who has been engaged in this work for a long time, stepped forward and explained to these key enterprises the interests of disorderly competition in the development of the industry. Finally, a consensus was reached. Since the second half of 2004, a relatively standardized industry wage has been formed, which not only satisfied the printing enterprises, but also accepted the price by customers. Zhai Zhirong's work has also been highly praised by insiders

the other is about the publishing and printing industry. In 2005, when a publishing house in Shanghai concentrated on the printing of teaching materials, it planned to discount the processing price universal material testing machine of private enterprises specializing in binding, which was a high-precision testing instrument. A District Printing Association of more similar enterprises gathered the opinions of its peers, and expressed its attitude of refusing to contract related businesses, causing social shock. Finally, with the mediation of Shanghai Printing Association, the publishing unit changed its practice. These two examples tell us that the consensus of peers is very important for safeguarding rights. If there is no consensus, only considering the interests of a single enterprise is bound to lead to failure. On the contrary, there is the possibility of negotiation. In this process, the printing association has and is able to do a lot of work

when writing this article, the author saw the speech made by Comrade lideshui, then director of the National Bureau of statistics, in the CPPCC National Committee, emphasizing the optimization of the structure of introducing foreign capital, preventing multinational companies from vicious mergers and acquisitions in China, and destroying the independent brands of China's national industries with limited funds. The printing industry should also prevent the occurrence of such situations. We must not lose the general meaning of the development of the national printing industry for the sake of immediate small profits. We must not make decisions that do not conform to the operation law of the enterprise because we are the regulatory representative of state-owned assets. We must not represent the interests of employees and abandon the vast number of employees who have worked hard to create wealth in practice

in today's intensifying competition, the vast number of managers in China's printing industry should work together to create a market atmosphere of competition and cooperation for the development of the national printing industry and the continued progress of the entire industry on the existing basis

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