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In recent years, the domestic economy has developed rapidly, and more and more families send their children to study abroad. The enthusiasm for studying abroad is inevitable. At the same time, the enthusiasm for studying abroad has also directly promoted the rise of the English training industry. Now, the English education and training industry has been an emerging industry that needs regular inspection; The market has become relatively mature, and the market competition under the control of several giants is extremely fierce. If you want to share in this, you must cultivate carefully and do a deep and thorough job in the subdivided fields

little horse crossing international education is a new media high-end training company integrating education consulting services, teaching product research and development, networking teaching, and book publishing. The management team are all foreign examination experts and overseas experts. At present, the company takes the training service of studying abroad examination (TOEFL, IELTS, sat, SSAT) as its business core. Pony crossing international education is the first educational institution in the examination and training industry to put forward the concept of full-time learning. Its exclusive Learning + practice mode and main course and auxiliary course system not only meet the needs of students in class, but also meet the needs of students in after-school practice, and enjoy a high reputation in the industry

what kind of torsion testing machine does the valve industry choose? With the help of a good market environment, pony has continued to expand its institutions and diversified its business. While the cause is booming, management problems also follow, restricting the pace of rapid expansion of enterprises. Strengthening the information construction and improving the management level has become an important part of the pony crossing management strategy. In 2013, Baihui CRM obtained the opportunity to cooperate with pony crossing the river. After more than a year of successful application, Baihui CRM has become an indispensable management tool for pony crossing the river

Baihui CRM mainly helps the pony cross the river to achieve four functions. First, it realizes the collection and management of student information. The source of income and profit of training institutions comes from potential students. Grasping the information of potential students will be a good start. The customer service staff will input the student information from stations, market activities and other channels into Baihui CRM for unified and standardized management, so as to effectively control the source. Second, sales process management. It is a complete sales process from the intention stage to the final signing. Baihui CRM helps pony cross the river to sort out the complicated sales process, and it is clear at a glance to what stage each student follows up. When signing, different situations are automatically submitted to different supervisors for approval, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also makes the management more strict and orderly. Third, intelligent course scheduling and adjustment. In the field of education and training, teaching and educational administration has always been relatively important and complex. The pony crossed the river and used Baihui CRM scientifically, intelligently and conveniently to arrange or adjust courses for all students, and reasonably allocate teachers, while improving students' satisfaction. Fourth, employee salary accounting. In the training industry, the employee's salary is closely related to his workload. Baihui CRM can quickly count the teacher's class hours and conduct salary accounting accurately and quickly. In addition, Baihui CRM can also evaluate the effect of market activities and obtain the best input-output ratio

as an education and training enterprise, we advocate modern management means. Baihui CRM is a good tool, which greatly improves our overall management level and efficiency. The head of Xiaoma Guohe gave a pertinent evaluation on the application of Baihui CRM in enterprises

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