Creoscitex, the hottest creoso angel, was renamed

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Creoscitex was renamed Creo

Vancouver, Canada November 19, 2001 - Creo Products Inc. (NASDAQ: Creo; TSE: CRE) unified all its corporate behavior and business activities under the same brand and corporate logo: Creo. Since January, 2002, the name of creoscitex, a subsidiary of Creo Products Co., Ltd., which operates in the printing field, will no longer be used. In addition, the logo of Cleo will also be renewed. At the next general meeting of shareholders, all shareholders will reach an agreement on the renaming of the company. At that time, Cleo Co., Ltd. will officially take effect in legal proceedings instead of Cleo Products Co., Ltd

on this occasion, Cleo strives to cultivate a unique and powerful brand of j-carton constant. Mr. Amos Michelson, the CEO of the company, said: "we unify the company's activities worldwide under a" Creo "brand, which is conducive to clarifying the company's operational structure and eliminating any negative effects confused with other brands. We are proud of any achievements made by the company in operating under the brand of Cleo since the acquisition of the prepress Department of saiangel in April 2000. Less than two years after the acquisition, our ability to unify the "Creo" brand also shows our success in the integration process. In the days of continuous development in the future, we will devote all our energy to ensure that Cleo will continue to provide users with the most valuable innovative products and services in the industry. " Cultivating a strong "Cleo" brand can also establish a solid platform for the company to enter other markets in the future

the new Cleo logo, which is scheduled to be launched in January 2002, has more than tripled the table in two years to show the company's progress and development. Mr. Amos said, "we have grown into a global company with multi-faceted products. We have broader interests and a larger and more diversified team that contributes to the company. We hope to carry forward this enterprising spirit by introducing the company's new logo and expanding the company's popularity."

the renaming of the company will not affect any products sold by the original cliorsay angel, although the product name will be consistent with the brand "Creo". The domestic legal names of other branches of the company will be released in the next few weeks. All existing agreements between cleorsay angel and customers, investors, partners and suppliers remain absolutely valid under the new company name. Creo will also trade on NASDAQ and Toronto stock exchanges with "Creo" and "CRE" as stock symbols respectively

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