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Research from international organizations shows the development history of aviation aluminum: the ownership cost of electric vehicles is lower than that of traditional fuel vehicles

according to foreign media reports, a recent study by the International Clean Transport Commission (ICCT) showed that in five European countries, the ownership cost of electric vehicles continued to decline, which has been lower than that of gasoline or diesel vehicles

the survey of five European countries shows that Bev has the most advantage in cost.

it is understood that this study investigated the use of Volkswagen Golf, one of the best-selling models in Europe. At present, Volkswagen Golf models are available in pure electric and hybrid versions in many European countries

the comprehensive measurement indicators in the research and investigation of the innovative achievements and typical utilization of a batch of landmark cutting-edge new materials include fuel or electricity, and tax costs. The models involved in the research include pure electric models, gasoline versions, diesel versions and hybrid versions that Volkswagen can demand Golf according to the measurement needs of the tested objects. The survey is based on data from four years

among the five countries participating in the survey, namely Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Norway, the ownership cost of pure electric models is the lowest, mainly because they have received tax incentives, relatively low electricity costs, and enjoy concessions when buying cars

researchers from the International Clean Transport Commission (ICCT) said that electric vehicles are a key way to deal with climate change and air pollution. Governments of various countries have made comprehensive efforts through multiple means, which is conducive to the reduction of the use cost of electric vehicles

the above researchers said that carbon emissions from transportation are the main cause of global warming. In recent years, carbon emissions in the EU have been rising, and motor vehicles are also one of the causes of air pollution, causing 500000 deaths in the EU every year

since pure electric vehicles are exempt from registration tax, the purchase cost of electric vehicles in Norway is higher than that of diesel vehicles. Recently, the subsidy reduction policy is no longer applicable to the purchase of electric vehicles in the UK, which has an impact on the purchase cost of pure electric vehicles in the UK. Horizontal comparison, the cost of purchasing pure electric vehicles in the UK can be saved by 5%. In Germany, France and the Netherlands, it can save 11% - 15%

technological progress will drive Bev cost reduction

Sandra waperhos, a researcher from ICCT, said: "After the range of electric vehicles is increased, these models can meet most driving needs. In the first four years of purchase and retention, electric vehicles are the most cost-effective.

waperhos said that it is expected that from 2025 to 2030, the unit price of pure electric vehicles will be almost the same as that of traditional fuel vehicles of the same grade. At that time, there will be no need for any subsidy incentives to buy pure electric vehicles. "Battery costs are falling, which means that the price of pure electric vehicles will continue to fall." She added

waperhos said that procurement costs are not the only advantage of maintaining electric vehicles. Electric vehicle owners can also benefit from preferential measures for parking fees and road tolls. She said that in the future, it is necessary to strengthen supervision to promote the transformation of automobile manufacturers to new energy vehicles

the survey also shows that if the purchase period is more than four years, the use cost of plug-in hybrid vehicles is higher than that of pure electric versions and traditional fuel vehicles because they have two engines

James tate of the University of Leeds in the UK and his colleagues published a study in December 2017 to analyze the cost of automobile transportation in the UK, the United States and Japan. This study mainly studies the depreciation and hedging rate of vehicle models and fuel costs. The results show that the comprehensive cost of electric vehicles is the lowest. In addition, charging is cheaper than buying gasoline or diesel

the stability of government policies is conducive to the promotion of electric vehicles

Tate said that the British government can take more measures to promote the growth of electric vehicles. "My view is that the UK should take more measures to guide the market to reduce the use of polluting and inefficient cars, especially 4WD SUV models. But the fact is that the sales of such models continue to grow." "These large off-road vehicles have created unnecessary carbon dioxide and air pollutants for the environment," he said

data show that in 2018, the sales volume of newly registered electric vehicles in the UK increased by 21%, and the market share reached 6%. In contrast, the sales volume of diesel vehicles fell by 30%. However, the sales volume of diesel vehicles still accounts for 32% of the market share in the whole market

Tate said that automakers in trouble due to the diesel emissions scandal are trying to transform. He said, "recently, the growth rate of demand for electric vehicles in some local markets has exceeded the growth rate of vehicle production. There are various signs that automobile manufacturers are expanding the production scale of pure electric vehicles and developing new models."

Steve Gooding, head of a UK Foundation, said: "the UK government's enthusiasm for electric vehicles is obvious, but it must ensure that its policies are clear and consistent, otherwise the purchase decisions of ordinary consumers and group buying customers will be affected by the vacillation of the policies."

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