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The application of luminous fluorescent ink in single perspective advertising

in recent years, in big cities, we can often see commodity advertisements pasted on the glass behind taxis walking on the road. This is single perspective advertising, which adds a new media landscape to the market. In fact, single perspective printing technology has been used as early as the 1990s, but it is not as popular as it is now

the single perspective film is pasted on the window glass, which can be seen at a glance from the outside, clearly conveying the advertising content, while looking out from the car does not affect the driver's line of sight. At the initial stage of the positive and negative effects of the single perspective advertisement, supporters can also buy the cordless screwdriver version at the price of 145 euros (159 dollars). The result is different. It turns out that the reverse side is black dots, which absorb light, while the front side is color dots. When the color light is reflected, you can see the picture composed of color dots, which is similar to the numbers and graphics composed of color on the color blindness table of ophthalmic examination

single perspective window advertisement, it is easy to see the advertisement picture when the light is good during the day. However, 44 times when night falls on the earth, nothing can be seen. If you want to see window advertisements at any time at night, the only solution is to use luminous fluorescent ink

luminous ink is made of long afterglow rare earth luminescent materials through high-tech means. After absorbing sunlight for 10 ~ 30min during the day, it automatically shines continuously for more than 10h, so it still shines in the middle of the night. Especially when the car is driving in the dark, the light is particularly bright and eye-catching. It is similar to neon advertising, but neon lights need power to shine, while noctilucent ink does not need electricity, saving energy and recycling, which can also be called solar "neon" advertising

luminous ink is non-toxic, harmless and radiation-free, with a service life of more than 10 years. Luminous fluorescent ink can print the patterns and words you need. The design picture should expose the light-emitting layer, and do not cover it all, otherwise the light-emitting effect will be reduced. In addition, try to keep the design manuscript sent by the customer. If the words in the advertisement are red, then print 1.5~3cm wide luminous ink on the periphery of the red font, or the white font on the blue background. You can print luminous ink in the font, and the effect is better

single perspective advertising technology now the world economic trend has opened up a new market for printing. Now the single perspective printing technology is introduced as follows

I. prepress preparation

1. selection and identification of plastic sheets

· polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

appearance: transparent to opaque, hard

flammability: flame retardant. Burning in the flame is yellow, and the edge of the flame is green and white smoke; There is softening phenomenon, and you can smell burning smell

· polyethylene (PE)

appearance: transparent, translucent or opaque

flammability: flammable in flames. Slowly extinguish or continue to burn after leaving the flame. When burning, the upper end of the flame is yellow and the lower end is blue; There is melting and dripping. You can smell paraffin

· polypropylene (PP)

the appearance and flammability are the same as polyethylene

· polyester resin (PET)

appearance: transparent sheet

flammability: flammable, leave the flame and continue to burn. The flame is yellow and black smoke; Slightly expanded, sometimes cracked, with styrene smell

material selection is very important, because a single perspective advertisement cannot affect the driver's driving, so the perspective must be absolutely guaranteed. The single perspective film recommended here. The best material is treated pet, with good ink adhesion, which can meet the printing requirements. At present, pet in the market is sold in rolls, generally 60cm wide and 500m long

special reminder, transparent PVC coiled material, although cheap and similar in appearance to pet, must not be used, because the solvent is impermeable during printing, resulting in poor perspective effect, and the consequences are unimaginable. Don't cause trouble for petty profits

2. Choose inks

there are many varieties of plastic inks. According to different printing materials, you should choose inks suitable for the properties of printing materials, otherwise unnecessary economic losses will be caused. Before formal mass production, a lot of experiments should be done to prove which brand of ink is suitable for printing materials. Once the matching is completed, do not change it at will. If the selected printing material is pet, then we should choose pet printing ink, try to use domestic ink, reduce cost accounting, and low price is conducive to market competition

3. Make a film, choose 13~15 lines, 50% negative pictures, and point the film size to 130 cm × 56cm。 Sun a dot plate with sexy photoresist

confirm whether the actual situation is consistent with the published smelter and origin information. 4. In order to save money, no film is needed, and the black self-adhesive paper is cut into a trapezoidal size of 128cm × 104cm × 56 cm。 Print two plates with oily photosensitive glue, using black ink and white ink respectively. Or cut a trapezoidal figure with a white newspaper, place it flat on the stretched wire in a moderate position, and then use the glass plate as a pressure strip in the middle to prevent the paper from sliding on the wire, and then use a small scraper to scrape the sealing glue repeatedly to the surrounding frame, dry naturally, expose and reinforce

II. Printing process

1. Cut pet into 30 cm × 60cm;

2. wipe PBT tablets with alcohol

3. The printing quality of each water-based tear able ink printing point must be checked. If there is a problem, it can be washed off with water and then printed again

4. Pet black ink is printed on the full plate and dried naturally

5. print pet white ink on the full plate

6. print spot color or four-color ink on white ink

7. finally print pet luminous fluorescent ink

8. tear off the water-based tear off ink with advertising self-adhesive paper, and the parts printed with tear off ink will become transparent, and the parts printed with PBT black ink will leave ink, so that the single perspective effect will be completely presented

III. troubleshooting

if there is too much ink attached to the surface of pet during printing, the reason is that the ink viscosity is too high. The solutions are as follows

1. reduce the pressure of the inking board

2. Improve the speed of inking board

3. increase the number of wire mesh

4. reduce the angle of ink scraping and ink covering

5. Reduce the thickness of the template

if the ink layer attached to the pet surface is too thin, the solution is the opposite of the above measures

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