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International oil prices soared to a new high in nearly six months

international oil prices soared to a new high in nearly six months

May 7, 2009

[Chinese coatings are new and may also include a lot of information unrelated to important content (such as advertising News)] As the rise of U.S. crude oil inventories was lower than expected, European and American crude oil futures rose strongly on Wednesday, and New York crude oil futures in June exceeded $56. At the close of trading on Wednesday, light crude oil June futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $56.34 a barrel, up $2.50 from the previous trading day; London Intercontinental Exchange "China attaches great importance to the development of the new material industry. Brent crude oil futures in June were $56.15, up $2.03; New York heating oil futures in June were 147.13 cents per gallon, up 4.51 cents; rbob gasoline futures in June were 162.80 cents per gallon, up 5.58 cents; London Intercontinental Exchange diesel futures in May were $462.00 per ton, which was much higher than the previous transaction. Many load sensors with poor quality in automotive lighting and body manufacturing were exactly ≤ 10% The following error is even greater, rising $12.50 on the day

the weekly oil inventory report released by the U.S. Department of energy on Wednesday showed that the U.S. crude oil inventory last week was 375.3 million barrels, the highest since 1990; However, relatively speaking, in the current off-season demand for refinery maintenance in the United States, inventories increased by only 605000 barrels compared with the previous week, a growth rate far lower than the 2.5 million barrels previously expected by analysts, and inventories in the Gulf of Mexico even began to decline. Affected by this, oil prices in New York rose instead of falling on Wednesday. In addition, data showed that the number of layoffs in private enterprises in the United States was lower than expected, raising market sentiment and one of the factors contributing to the rise in oil prices

Sean Brodrick, a natural resources analyst at the Weiss research center in the United States, said: "the main reasons for the rise in oil prices are the low increase in crude oil inventories and the decline in gasoline inventories. As the economic situation began to improve, some speculators began to turn their attention to the crude oil futures market."

crude oil futures for June delivery in New York rose $2.50, or 4.6%, to $56.47 a barrel, the highest since November 17 last year. The oil price has risen by 26% this year

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