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China (Suzhou) international optical film and functional film exhibition

[exhibition scope ◆ natvar brand high-precision micro extruded medical catheter]

adhesive tape: industrial tape, optical tape, electronic tape, electrical gas tape, double-sided tape, protective tape, kraft paper tape, masking paper

protective film: PE, foam granulator features: Foam granulator PVC, pet, BOPP, LDPE protective film, including surface protective film Composite film, shrink film, automobile protective film, stretch film, protective film,

optical film: polarizing film, reflective film, diffusion film, brightening film, ITO film, conductive film, compensation film, enhancement film, optical protective film, pet/pe film (optical grade), release film/paper cobalt recycling or become a way to resolve the high price of cobalt, other optical films

die cutting equipment: round knife die-cutting machine, flat die-cutting machine, Slitter, Slitter, rewinder, laminating machine, automatic cutting table, molding machine, laminating machine, labeling machine, packer, packaging will be the largest market winding machine of plastic processing machinery

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