Application of the hottest lslg frequency converte

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Application of LS (LG) frequency converter in steel plate linear speed control system

1 Summary

examples of applying LG vector converter in customized steel plate production line

- applicable field: unit instruments (rollers)

- product type: SV IV

2 Program structure

3 Main functions

- positive direction operation (fx-cm)

- up/down operation function

- nonetheless, jog frequency setting operation function

- use brake impedance

- motor overheating prevention function

- overload trip function

4 Special matters

- the main function of the leveler is to relieve the residual stress

- use the frequency converter to control the speed of the leveling machine, and finally accurately adjust the product specification

- for the convenience of the staff, only use up to form communication with the frequency converter by suppressing the multi-layer film to the required size -down operation function and inching function

- after cutting, it is the precise size of the product, and the vector is used to correctly control the speed to achieve the desired purpose

- in order to improve the work, the rate factor and protection circuit are mentioned. The input front end is installed with AC reactor

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