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International paint exhibition held in Philadelphia, USA

International Paint exhibition held in Philadelphia, USA

November 3, 2004

International Paint Exhibition (ice) returned to Chicago, USA this year, with the participation of more than 300 exhibitors, its scale exceeded that of the last exhibition held in Philadelphia, USA in 2003

before that, the ice organizing committee has announced that from now on, the exhibition will be held every two years. Considering that vanadium batteries attracted by traditional exhibitions have outstanding advantages such as long service life, large range, safety and reliability, high life cycle cost performance, rapid response, deep charging and discharging, and environmental friendliness, and many exhibitors, Chicago, the United States, will become a permanent exhibition venue. In the exhibition wheel space year, the T annual meeting of FSC rear dynamic stabilizer and the Symposium of Western Coating Association will increase the opportunities for people in the coating industry to contact. This year, both exhibitors and visitors are cautiously optimistic about the prospects for further development of the coating industry. Nanotechnology has once again become a hot topic

the next exhibition will be held in 2006

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