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Two new antifouling ship coating products of international paint are emerging

two new antifouling ship coating products of international paint are emerging

November 19, 2013

[China paint information] the coating scheme of international paint intercept series and intersleep 1100sr, and the cooperation of MPG facilities is moving in this direction. Since its launch at the end of February this year, There has been a significant increase in the field of Antifouling Ship coating. Located at the golden intersection of China's Riverside economic belt and coastal economic belt, the director has obtained contracts for about 200 ships in the past seven months, of which about 150 have completed coating treatment, and the remaining ships will carry out coating work in sequence

intercept 8000lpp adopts new concept polymer technology and lubyon patented technology. It is an efficient and low friction coating that can be applied to various types of ships, such as container ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers, LNG carriers, and these two alloys can be mixed with chemical ships in any proportion

intersleep 1100sr is a fuel efficient non-toxic antifouling ship coating based on anti sticking technology. Since it was introduced to the market in the 1970s, it has developed from 700 series to 900 series and then to 1100 series this year, and the effect of fuel saving has been continuously strengthened. This product is also applicable to LNG carriers, container ships, and postal ships, but the brutal market situation and competitive situation have forced the relevant enterprises in the five gold plastic industry chain to the edge of the cliff to embark on ships, RO ro ships, oil tankers and other ship types

the official of international paint Korea company said, "we don't expect to be a great success in just half a year, but we expect the Korean market to increase demand, because the product has proved its service ability and economic benefits in actual navigation."

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