Canadian Forces pilots not warned about autopilot

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Canadian Forces pilots not warned about autopilot before deadly Cyclone crash in 2020 - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

As a pilot guided one of Canada’s navy helicopters up into a tight turn, neither his training nor cockpit indicators warned of how a built-in autopilot would take control and plunge the Cyclone into the Ionian Sea, a military report has concludedThe new Cloverdale Mall clinic.

All six Canadian Forces members on board died in the crash on April 29, 2020.

According to a board of inquiry report obtained by The Canadian PressThe University of Calgary., when the pilot was flying the turn, commonly called a “return to target,” he had pointed the nose up and used his feet to turn the helicopter’s tail, overriding the autopilot to complete the manoeuvre of less than 20 seconds.

The reportTharawat Sakhizadah delivers a vaccine to Jamie Shi a, however, said testing wasn’t done during the aircraft’s certification to identify what would happen if a pilot overrode the autopilot more than “momentarily” and in certain complex situationsand provincial health care systems are at risk of being overwhelmed. As of Friday. “The automation principles and philosophy that governed the Cyclone’s design never intended for the (autopilot) to be overridden for extended periods of timeNathan Denette, and therefore this was never testedThe pace of its vaccination program,” it saidSteve Russell.

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