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Haze not only covers the originally clear blue sky, but also affects people's health, especially children

haze not only covers the originally clear blue sky, but also affects people's health, especially children

recently, heavily polluted weather occurred frequently all over the country. Local governments issued red haze warnings, and some kindergartens and primary schools asked children to stop outdoor activities or even classes. The problem is that dozens of children are locked in the classroom, and there is a new problem when closing the door and blocking the windows: the air is particularly muddy, the epidemic is susceptible, and it is easy to "get in trouble". What should we do? In the case of non-stop classes, the best way is to configure fresh air purification system. Children's health comes first. The flowers and future of the motherland must be protected

children are really vulnerable groups in the face of haze. Let's take action together. Please come up with a solution as soon as possible. Under the dome, children need our protection

we jointly propose:

please come up with relevant solutions to reduce the harm of haze to children during school as soon as possible

1) relevant competent departments should immediately carry out the feasibility study of installing air purification devices in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and clearly announce the specific schedule to the society. Install fresh air purification system in newly-built public schools or schools with transformation conditions in areas with serious haze

2) before kindergartens and primary and secondary schools realize the unified installation of air purification devices, relevant departments should clearly send guidance documents to schools as soon as possible: it is agreed that schools and family committees should study feasible schemes by themselves and install air purification devices by themselves, so as to alleviate the possibility of children being injured by haze as soon as possible




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