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I believe you will not be unfamiliar with the home garden. The home garden has well realized the good wishes of modern people to open the door and see the scenery. No matter what floor your home is located on, it can be used as an in-house garden. People can plant flowers and grass in the in-house garden. The in-house garden is like a natural oxygen bar, providing a healthier living environment for people. So what should we pay attention to when decorating the garden? Now let's get to know about it

effect drawing of small family garden decoration I

we need to determine a general style before building a family garden. The best style of the garden is to keep consistent with the decoration style of the home. If you don't have ideas, you can first look at other people's successful home garden decoration cases, select the best type, and then make adjustments according to the actual needs of the home

effect drawing 2 of small family garden decoration

after determining the style, you can ask the water and electricity master to come and have a look. We should first measure the size of the garden, measure the length, width and height, and then mark the location of the water source and power supply according to this size, which is conducive to a clearer planning and layout of the space design

effect drawing III of small family garden decoration

we also need to make a budget before decoration, and purchase materials according to the budget, which can effectively prevent the budget from exceeding too much. Xiaobian suggested that you should pay attention to the recent local group buying activities of building materials. The price of group buying activities will be much cheaper than that of physical stores, and the products at the group buying meeting are complete, which can solve the required building materials in a one-stop way, saving more money and effort

decoration effect drawing IV of small household garden

in addition, we also need to pay attention to the light and sunshine of the household garden. If the sunshine time of the household garden is too short, it is not suitable to change it into a household garden. We can transform the balcony into a study and entertainment room according to the actual needs of our family

the home garden not only brings us the feeling of beauty, but also purifies the air in our room and greatly improves our quality of life. If you also want to create a beautiful home garden, you can learn the design in the above figure




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