Art paint leads the new fashion of decoration

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Art paint leads the new trend of decoration

art paint brings the traditional decoration mode from the monotonous and monochromatic era of latex paint and paint to a new era of natural environmental protection, texture, texture and personalized color painting

do you know the characteristics of artistic coatings? Xiaobian has sorted out five features for you. Let's have a look

five characteristics of art coatings

① environmental protection and non-toxic

the product is specially developed by carefully extracting the internal surface layer of natural shells and various environmental protection lotion and additives. Non toxic and tasteless, very environmentally friendly and healthy coatingol com。 Because the product selects raw materials with excellent comprehensive quality and environmental protection, and the raw materials have natural environmental protection performance, the product is bound to achieve real natural environmental protection

② colorful

the pattern decorated with wallpaper paint has uniform color and strong gloss, showing different brilliant colors under the reflection of natural light. Create a warm and harmonious emotional space

③ diverse and personalized patterns

colorful flower patterns are unique, leading the creation of fashionable style, which can meet the different needs of consumers at all levels, and can design flower patterns according to the special needs of users

④ durability

the base material with excellent durability and high-quality alkali and mildew resistant materials are used to prevent the precipitation of alkaline substances in the base material from causing the film to fall off or pan alkali. The product construction is a seamless connection. The physical and chemical properties that are not easy to peel, peel and crack can not be achieved by the substitute product wallpaper. And the dirt on the surface is easy to clean, which can always keep the wall clean and tidy. Xiaobian suggests here that those with babies at home can try art paint

⑤ convenient construction

the construction process is very simple, easy to learn, and easy to start. Two people work together to complete the construction of hundreds of square meters of walls in a day on the complete construction surface. The ideal effect can be achieved by one-time construction. The secondary construction is convenient, and only the covering paint needs to be brushed




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