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In the era of brand spending, brand has the primary effect on the company's central competitiveness. In today's shopping malls, brand has become the primary symbol of a commodity different from other similar commodities. At present, the needs of consumers are constantly changing. In the fierce competition of aluminum alloy industry, the survival of the company is of paramount importance. Then, the question comes. In the current recession of shopping malls, should aluminum alloy door companies be brands or survival plans

brand invention needs to accumulate

brands at all times. It is an evaluation and recognition of a company and its products by consumers, including excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, outstanding product image, beautiful civilized value, excellent management results, etc. it is the company's management and managers who have invested huge manpower Material resources and even a kind of trust between consumers established by generations of hard work for a long time...

it is not difficult to find that several central elements of building a brand are central goods, after-sales service, brand image, civilized value, market popularity and occupancy, and the invention of a brand is not a day's work, but a cumulative process. Therefore, some aluminum alloy door companies think that advertising on TV is a brand, while others think that the current market share is good, that is, the embodiment of brand value. These are all wrong ideas, which can only be said to be a wrong understanding of the truth of the word "brand"

companies should have a long-term vision for development

in the current situation of career depression, small and medium-sized aluminum alloy door companies' sales cannot go up together, and their profits are still declining step by step. In this case, it seems a little harsh to ask the company to strengthen the concept of "brand building". Many people invest in and cultivate shopping malls. However, if the company plans to carry out in the future, it must have a longer vision and set the policy on the "tomorrow" to break out of the tight encirclement. Otherwise, it may also be seen as a manifestation of self belittling

fish and bear's paws may be obtained at the same time.

being a brand is still a survival plan, which has become a dilemma for many small and medium-sized aluminum alloy door companies. In the winter of shopping malls, it is not an option for small and medium-sized companies to make brands or survive. On the contrary, small and medium-sized aluminum alloy door companies should concentrate their superior efforts to achieve "both fish and bear's paw" under the condition of limited human and financial resources. In terms of commodity design, we should not try to be large and comprehensive, but grasp the advantages of the company's central research and production, concentrate on a certain segment, be refined, thorough and strong, and even invent the top brand in this segment. Relying on the outstanding embodiment of commodities in shopping malls, the reputation of shopping malls is formed bit by bit, and constantly accumulated on brands. For companies with a longer product line at present, we must focus on all resources and invent high sales of single products. As long as the high sales volume of single products can not only deal with the current profit doubt, but also establish a dominant position in the mall, the dominant goods can bring reputation to the commodity brand. In the promotion of shopping malls, regional model shopping malls can radiate around and gradually drive shopping malls across the country, which can also play a role of four or two

Guanhao doors and windows believes that the aluminum alloy door company should not only deal with the current livelihood problems, but also consider the long-term road of brand construction. How to plan is worth pondering




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