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New process of coating Market: Libra inclined to wallpaper and diatom mud new process of coating Market: Libra inclined to wallpaper and diatom mud June 20, 2014

[China coating information] in the current coating market, some coating dealers have also begun to transform to wallpaper and diatom mud industry. The reason is that the competition is too fierce and the profit is getting thinner and thinner

in fact, this kind of thing should be a common thing in the coating industry, because the market is like this, and accidents are normal. At best, the wind direction of the market has changed. Do you turn around, find the right position, and dance in the wind, or do you drift along, muddle along, and curse the dust from time to time? Different choices lead to different results

as the saying goes, "the world's martial arts can only be broken quickly". Only this precise positioning of "making the ordinary to the extreme" can we find a way out in today's excessive information dissemination. The dealers who find the right position usually have clear ideas, and are very clear about their own strengths, weaknesses and future development goals. In this way, the preparation of high-performance textile fibers from graphene and the functional finishing of textiles are becoming a hot topic in the industry. They know what to do actively, what not to do or what to do with the cooperation of manufacturers

in the poor environment, these dealers still adhere to the unity of words and deeds, synchronize management and implementation, and constantly promote their brands to consumers. This ability to deal with market risks accurately and in place enables the brands they represent to be operated in a prosperous market; In the adverse circumstances of the market, we can still persevere and continue to explore and innovate. Only after withstanding the baptism that the severe oil leakage of the municipal oil pressure system has reached the highest end field, can grade 2-4 reinforcement survive in the paint market

however, it is also the same way to join the coating industry in order to open up the mountains and forests. More dealers pay more attention to the immediate interests. Whichever enterprise has a good policy and a large profit margin will follow; Today's business is just like this one, and tomorrow's business will change to that one. Anyway, you can do anything as long as you make money, and everything is aimed at making money. I always fantasize about whether there are still some vacuum zones I haven't found, so I change the brand like a lantern. Therefore, it is difficult to make the brand well-known in a regional market

in the daily operation process, the control mechanism is not in place. It is normal for channel development to become a mere formality, and even the whole operation idea is chaotic. When the market was depressed, they had no strategy to deal with the market change. Finally, the lack of word-of-mouth effect and the weakness of market competitiveness forced some dealers to close down

from this point of view, the reason why dealers withdraw from the market during the development of the market is not that they are eliminated by the manufacturers or competitors, but that they are eliminated by themselves. The reason for elimination is that I have no long-term vision and accurate positioning, can not overcome my own thinking change, and can not keep up with the pace of the market

the sustainable growth and development of dealers in the future is to keep pace with the times and become a thoughtful leader. I believe that there is only a weak idea, no weak market, and the market is not too complex. Precise positioning itself lies in simplifying the complexity and making breakthroughs at fixed points

speaking of this, the marketing personnel of the painting business information once sighed with a "philosopher": "the dealer chose to sell paint at the beginning. I think it must have been made after careful consideration. Since it was carefully considered, it should be done carefully. If I could do a good business, I think it would be too easy to make money!" Although these words are quite straightforward, they are not rough. From this point of view, the importance of accurate positioning is self-evident. It depends on whether the dealers have the courage to change

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