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The new regulations on drug names will be implemented from June 1.

since drugs can have trade names and common names, the phenomenon of "one drug (common name) with multiple (trade names)" has been formed for a long time, which has caused great inconvenience and confusion to consumers in drug selection. Since June 1, the regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels issued by the State Food and drug administration has been officially put into effect. The new regulations have revised the original commodity name to 1/2 of the common name, which shall not be greater than 2 times, so as to weaken the effect of drug commodity name

according to relevant comrades from relevant departments of the Municipal Food and drug administration, the regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels implemented this time are significantly different from the previous Interim Regulations in terms of drug name, registered trademark and instructions. The new regulations require that the font of drug commodity name shall not be greater than 1/2 of the font used for the general name in terms of single word area, while the previous regulations stipulated that the font of commodity name shall not be greater than 2 times of the general name. For example, the generic name of the drug "acetaminophen" currently on the market is: Baijiahei, Billiton, baifuning, Tylenol, Ganmaoqing and other brands. At the same time, it is also required that the generic name of the drug should be prominent and should not use italics, hollows, shadows and other decorative forms. This provision helps to strengthen consumers' awareness of the common names of drugs, so as to gradually eliminate the consumer doubts caused by the phenomenon of "multiple drugs for one drug"

in addition, it is also stipulated that drug manufacturers should fully indicate adverse drug reactions in the drug instructions. If the drug manufacturer fails to modify the instructions in time according to the safety and effectiveness of the drugs after marketing or fails to fully explain the adverse drug reactions in the instructions, the adverse consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the drug manufacturer. The regulations also require that the contents of drug labels shall not be printed with words and signs indicating efficacy, misleading use and inappropriate publicity of products; The drug packaging must be printed or pasted with labels as required, and shall not carry any other text, audio-visual and other materials that introduce or publicize the stronger and stronger products of the production materials and enterprises

the signal air pendulum should be exactly at the zero position; Source: Xi'an Evening News

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