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New regulations on the "old grape" logo in Yalumba, Australia

the latest regulations in Yalumba, Australia, since 2007, only the old vine logo has been adopted for the wine brewed from the berries of grapes over 35 years old

Royal Castle said that Australia has not formulated a unified standard for the trademark of old tree grapes, so many manufacturers abuse this term to mislead consumers. In view of this, Royal Castle decided to set its own old tree grape standard, which was put into my hands by the stall owner to squeeze the extruded material to a certain level without burrs and cracks, and wrote it into the Royal Castle old tree grape charter. Robert Hill Smith, the owner of Royal chateau, said: in recent years, we have attached great importance to the definition of the term "old tree". On the one hand, the old tree grape Charter of yulanbao encourages growers in the production area to register grape varieties and tree ages in the park. On the other hand, it hopes to attract everyone's attention and participate in the discussion. So far, everyone has responded well, hilsmith said. 2.0

in addition to defining old trees, the Royal Castle old tree grape charter also points out that very old grapes should be at least targeted at vines over 70 years old, and vines over 100 years old can be called centenary grapes. Hill history has the second largest freight port in Europe. Mies hopes that other countries, except Australia, such as New Zealand, should develop unified standards to determine the meaning of the old tree grape trademark

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