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The new environmental protection and energy saving process for chlorinated paraffin production has passed the acceptance.

the new environmental protection and energy saving double closed-circuit cycle process applied to chlorinated paraffin production has recently been successfully developed in Hebei Hengshui Hongye chlorinated paraffin pilot plant and officially applied to production. In november2003, the new production process has passed the acceptance and has higher economic and social benefits

chlorinated paraffin products widely used in China's chemical industry have brought many difficulties to enterprises due to long production cycle, easy pollution, high energy consumption, poor quality and other reasons. The new process has the obvious characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and high product quality. Its main process has changed the original production process, adopted the double closed-circuit circulation function, eliminated the polluted gas in the process through the special process design of the past reaction and absorption process, and fundamentally eliminated the residual chlorine and waste gas emission. At the same time, according to the principle of wax exothermic reaction, the boiler steam is cancelled, and there is no "three wastes" standard in production. The purpose of shortening the product reaction cycle and improving the product yield and quality is achieved. The production cycle has been shortened from 17 hours in the past to 6 hours at present, which greatly saves chlorine and improves the quality of by-product hydrochloric acid. This product has been successively applied to the production of plastics, rubber, paint, thermal insulation materials and other products, and has been highly praised by the users of the future modular, serialized, shared, special, specialized, dynamic, intelligent and networked multi-directional development experimental machine

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