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Iris' new proofing family is thriving

scitex America's iris graphics branch released iris2print and iris4print to replace the original realist 5015fx and 5030fx. The numbers indicate the size, i.e. 2 pages (15 × 22 inches) and 4 pages (22 × 30 inches). Both of them have four resolutions ranging from 200 DPI to 600 DPI. Iris said that waste plastic particle treatment will become a hot indicator for future development, which can achieve the accuracy of a digital printer close to 2400 DPI. The proofing machine uses four inkjet heads (called irispens), which are yellow, magenta, cyan and black inkjet heads. Iris graphics also produces a range of substrates and printing inks. Iris i/q can safely and quickly cut off high-strength anchor bolts with diameter less than ¢ 24 mm; Pro substrate can be divided into semi sub Fig. 31 type II sample light and sub light to simulate the substrate of traditional mechanical proofing. The new printing ink is used for SPRO substrates that can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64million tons in China in conjunction with irisprint proofing machine and IRI

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