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In the afternoon of January 16, China Southern Glass Group Co., Ltd. held an investor relations activity in Shenzhen Southern glass building. Yangxinyu, Secretary of the board of directors of Southern Glass Group, answered the relevant questions of investors

it is understood that the main participants in this investor relations activity include: Chenyan and likeyue of CICC, wangyunpeng of Penghua Fund, Jia Jia of HSBC Investment Management, Zhang Wanshi of Hongxi assets, Du Yanyi of Biyun capital, Bao Yili of Yansheng China, Wang Kai of Beijing Hongdao investment, Ma Xinkai of Huaxia Fund, shenyuliang of Harvest Fund, Zhang Xue of Ping An, Wang Ruochen of Bosheng capital management, and Yu Zhiwei of CICC fund, Leading Beijing company Liuyifei and Mitsubishi UFJ investment services zhoushiyi

during the event, investors asked what new production capacity would be put into in the future. Yangxinyu made it clear that CSG group would mainly expand in the electronic glass sector in the future. He said, "in the electronic glass sector, we hope to continue to consolidate and expand our energy and technological advantages, and move further towards the terminal market."

in addition, yangxinyu also revealed that the company currently operates three electronic glass production lines, each with an annual production capacity of about 10000 tons, and the market share of ultra-thin electronic glass has exceeded 50%. In the future, the ignition of Xianning plant will further consolidate and expand CSG's technology and market competition in this field, and one of them is the No. 1 hegemonic advantage in domestic automobile production and sales

in fact, CSG revealed this time that it would mainly focus on electronic glass for new production, which is also based on the technical advantages the company has accumulated in this field in recent years. For example, its high-performance aluminosilicate ultra-thin electronic glass project has made remarkable achievements

it is understood that the project took the lead in mass production of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm thick float high-performance aluminosilicate ultra-thin electronic glass products at home and abroad, providing technical support for high-end market applications such as OLED screens, 3D cover glass, 5g communication technology dual glass, and has been widely used in smart, tablet computers and other display terminals, and gradually replacing imported products

in addition, in terms of the contribution to the overall performance of the company, electronic glass also performs well. At the same time, the right side shows that the flame retardancy test is brilliant. According to the company's semi annual report last year, CSG's electrical display business unit achieved an operating revenue of 367million yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 277million yuan year-on-year, an increase of 307.63%; The net profit was 22.07 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.47 million yuan

it can be seen that CSG group has gradually highlighted its technical advantages in electronic glass and has excellent performance. It has decided to provide engineers and researchers with a kind of resources for increasing production in the future. It is also a measure to carry forward its advantages and take advantage of the situation

in addition, during this investor relations activity, yangxinyu also introduced other businesses of the company. In terms of flat glass, CSG has always been known for its strict inventory management, which is also reflected in the extremely low inventory of all flat glass bases of the company in 2017, which is in the state of full production and full sales, as well as cash and spot

in the solar energy sector, CSG focuses on the preparation of upstream high-purity polysilicon. It is worth mentioning that the national polysilicon preparation laboratory of the Ministry of industry and information technology is located in the Yichang base of CSG. Yangxinyu said, "in 2017, the company has produced electronic grade polysilicon in batches on the production line of photovoltaic grade polysilicon for many months. Therefore, we hope to give full play to the company's technical advantages in this field."

on the whole, at present, CSG group mainly has three industrial chains of energy-saving glass, electronic glass, display devices and solar energy, as well as four main businesses of flat glass, engineering glass, electronic glass, display devices and solar photovoltaic, forming the layout of production bases in North China, East China, Central China, South China and southwest China

in the future, driven by its R & D innovation and technology driven development strategy, it is expected to continue to lead the technological progress of the domestic glass industry and photovoltaic industry

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