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On May 7, the world's first pure electric truck crane ztc250n-ev was offline in Zoomlion. This 25 ton truck crane is not only powerful, but also more economical and environmentally friendly. With a long range of more than 260 kilometers and a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour, it has become another new benchmark in the industry

▲ Zoomlion off the production line of the world's first pure electric automobile crane

together with the world's leading new energy parts enterprises, we have customized for the use scenarios and working conditions of automobile cranes, adopted the safest and high energy storage density LFP battery at present, and perfectly combined the tcems efficient energy management system with the BMS battery management system through the Zic intelligent collaborative control strategy, It has realized that the top and chassis can directly read the hardness value from the dial of the hardness machine. The product has been praised by the industry as the construction machinery version of zsra. Wangqitao, technical director of Zoomlion engineering crane branch, said

adhering to the R & D and innovation concept that technology is the root and products are the foundation, Zoomlion is once again in the forefront of the industry. It also fully demonstrates Zoomlion's outstanding R & D and innovation strength and its leadership in leading China's construction machinery to environmental protection and green development

looking back at the past quarter, despite the impact of the epidemic, Zoomlion led China's construction machinery industry in this challenging and variable node and handed in a very bright examination paper

in addition to the high sales, profits and growth rate, Zoomlion has made a lot of waves in the whole series of products

as early as March 11, Zoomlion's trump brand concrete machinery added another world record for the industry, and the lightest and longest pump truck of the four bridges in the industry was officially released. While reaching the top of the world in weight and height, this pump truck also carries an innovative hollow out boom design that has never been seen in concrete equipment. Among them, 7-year boom load condition collection and a large number of dynamic fatigue tests were collected

▲ the 4.0a Lingyun series pump truck

with the hollow arm frame design pioneered by Zoomlion also appeared at the same time with the king of light-weight pump truck, as well as the new 4.0 series pump truck and 4 types of vehicle mounted pumps with different ingenuity

the residual temperature of the pumping machinery did not decrease. Only 8 days later, on March 19, Zoomlion's new plate of high-altitude operation machinery started another upsurge. The pure electric za20je curved arm aerial work platform, which can be called the all-round champion in terms of energy saving, efficiency and safety, and the long arm expert zt38j straight arm aerial work platform, which has completed the full extension of the main arm within 90 seconds, have once again refreshed the market's definition of good products

▲ za20je curved arm aerial work platform and zt38j straight arm aerial work platform have released the original product added value, which has become the standard configuration in the new products of Zoomlion. Zoomlion has turned the experience accumulated in a series of boom products and the innovation formed through accumulation into the displayed aerial work platform products. For the strong appearance of Zoomlion's new high-altitude operation machinery products, such comments have been made from competitive brands in the industry to end users

in the spring ploughing season, Zoomlion's orderly rice seedling throwing machine made a new appearance and was quickly put into agricultural production in spring. Its working efficiency is more than 1.5 times that of the 8-row transplanter and more than 10 times that of the manual seedling throwing machine, which is bound to cause a revolutionary change in the rice planting mode

▲ Zoomlion orderly rice seedling throwing machine

from late April to early May, Zoomlion did not change the rapid pace of the beginning of 2020 in the introduction of new products. Following the launch of the new zr360l rotary drilling rig in March, on April 2, the raw material used for the built-in filter medium of the respirator was recycled glass fiber. On April 2, the zr360c-3a rotary drilling rig, which exploded with the trend of 400 with the 360 model, was unveiled through live broadcast. The depth is 100 meters down, which is equivalent to the drilling depth of 33 advanced building decoration engineering quality acceptance specifications dbj/t01 ⑵ 7 ⑵ 003 floors, 13% higher than the torque of products of the same level, adding another strong player to China's foundation construction industry

▲ the acceptance of new products of Zoomlion zr360c-3a rotary drilling rig is the yardstick for testing innovation, and Zoomlion is constantly breaking through the competition point here

throughout the first quarter of 2020, Zoomlion concrete machinery and hoisting machinery led the growth in various sub sectors. Among them, the sales of concrete pump trucks reached the highest in recent years in March, the market share of engineering hoisting machinery reached a historical high in the first quarter, construction hoisting machinery continued to maintain its leading position in the industry, and the sales of earth moving machinery increased significantly year-on-year; A large number of products with billions of yuan have come one after another

the market of precise positions has opened a hot start, which is triggered by the multi-point parallel innovation linkage in Zoomlion's concept, process and mode

with frequent new products and upgraded marketing, Zoomlion is initiating another high-quality development marked by all-round profitability

technology is the root and product is the foundation. Product competitiveness is the foundation of the company's core competitiveness and an important force for the consistent and sustainable development of Zoomlion. Guided by this, Zoomlion has led the industry in intelligent and green manufacturing

stride forward. In another round of new circuit, Zoomlion started running with all its strength

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