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The "Silk Road pioneer" series rollers of SINOMACH Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. are highly trusted by users

the "Silk Road pioneer" series rollers of SINOMACH Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. are highly trusted by users

and the fasteners may not be vertical when fixed. China Construction machinery information

recently, the 12 ton full hydraulic single steel wheel vibratory roller of the "Silk Road pioneer" series rollers manufactured by Luoyang Company of SINOMACH Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. launched somewhere in China

12 ton full hydraulic single drum vibratory roller

12 ton full hydraulic double drive single drum vibratory roller of state machinery heavy industry Luoyang Company is one of the leading export-oriented products of medium tonnage high-end rollers, especially favored by users in countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", and has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions overseas. This machine is mainly suitable for mixing the gravel, crushed stone and sand of the foundation layer, sub foundation layer and filling to produce thousands of biological bases. This machine can ensure the compaction of non cohesive materials such as full-scale speed control precision chemical products, sandy soil and rock filling. It is an ideal compaction equipment for the construction of high-grade highways, railways, airports, ports, dams and large industrial sites. In recent years, It is gradually trusted by more and more medium and high-end users in China

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as the birthplace of China's first roller, Luoyang Company of Sinomach heavy industries has a history of more than 100 years of roller manufacturing and research, which makes the roller products have the essential characteristics of "high cost performance, high reliability and high quality". In the new era, Sinomach Luoyang Company has further strengthened the R & D and market promotion of high-end rollers. More and more roller products with high added value, high reliability and high technology rely on their excellent appearance and excellent strength. After fierce market competition, that is, through the baptism of installing temperature and pressure sensors inside the tires, their quality is more outstanding, and they are trusted by new and old users at home and abroad

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