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National model worker Zhang Yihua: working in agricultural machinery all his life is very worthwhile and enjoyable

national model worker Zhang Yihua: working in agricultural machinery all his life is very worthwhile and enjoyable

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April 28 is a very special day for Zhang Yihua. On this day in 1976, at the age of 20, he became a worker of the "work and agriculture" system in the factory of agricultural machinery repair and manufacturing in Linshu County, Shandong Province, which increased the error caused by the lack of close fitting of mold parts; 39 years later, on April 28, he walked into the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, accepted the highest standard commendation from the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and became a national model worker

On April 30, Zhang Yihua, who just participated in the conference on the direct correlation between machine speed and driver speed of provincial and municipal model workers' seats, had a dialogue with the author at the Linyi headquarters of Shandong Changlin group

what's it like to be a model worker

I remember knowing when I was very young that there was an East China model worker in our county in the 1950s, who was a village branch secretary; Only in the 1980s did the county have the only national model worker Liu Dequan, the "king of willow weaving". When I was young, I thought it was glorious to be rated as a national model worker! Gao shanyangzhi, a national model worker! I didn't expect that I could become one today

which speech did you feel most about General Secretary Xi at the award ceremony

General Secretary Xi said, "labor is glorious and creation is great!" I think the model worker is the supreme honor, no higher! This is the foundation of society and the core value of society. In this society, we can't just metaphysics, we have to have some real things, labor is

what do you think is the most valuable from working and farming to formal work in the enterprise, and then to becoming the chairman of the group

when I was 7 or 8 years old, I worked in the fields, planting rice and cutting wheat. After entering the factory, he worked as a "worker and farmer" for more than 10 years, earning 30 yuan a month, of which 12 yuan should be handed over to the production team to record work points and distribute food. The first day of entering the factory is to repair agricultural machinery. It can be said that I have worked on agricultural machinery all my life, serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers". My career in this life is what farmers do, which is also what I think is the most valuable place. Except for the joint development of new energy vehicles with Chery and Great Wall Huaguan, I have never left farmers, rural areas and agriculture

we now put forward the enterprise mission of "let the cattle retire, invite the farmers to the city, and let us cultivate the land", which is still a long way from this goal. I think it's really done, and I can be a model worker

39 years of agricultural machinery career, what are your feelings? What is the next step

when I was a child, I felt so tired and hungry that I thought about how to get rid of this fate. Later, when working in agricultural machinery, from maintenance workers to technicians, workshop directors, and then to deputy factory directors and factory directors, they have a deeper understanding of agricultural machinery. They feel that it is more meaningful to do agricultural machinery than to do aircraft and tanks. It can replace the tired and hard work of farmers and change the traditional production mode that faces the Loess and faces the sky for thousands of years

I have been working on agricultural machinery for more than 30 years, from repairing tractors to producing threshers and steering gears, to working on walking tractors to the largest production and sales in the world, and then jointly producing the world's best four-wheel tractors with the internationally renowned Tractor Company Saimai DEUTZ Farr in Italy, but I always feel that I can't find a feeling. I went abroad to see how farmers grow their land. I saw that they operate modern machines, enjoy the joy of labor, and make the land look like a golf course, like idyllic landscapes, which is in great contrast to our agriculture

what's the difference between us? Until recently, I was "suddenly enlightened", that is, the lack of modern large-scale agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery and agronomy. After working in agricultural machinery all my life, I found out when I was old that agricultural machinery should be done like this. What is the highest level of agricultural machinery? Agricultural machinery can make farmers a beautiful and dignified career. Since last year, our understanding has become clearer and our direction has become clearer. We have made up our minds to introduce the world's top experts who study the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, research and develop modern large-scale agricultural machines and tools, study how to scientifically match the machines and tools of large-scale modern agriculture, and how to solve the operation mode more economically and effectively

at present, the high-end high-power tractors of Changlin deutzfar produced by us have been listed on the market, and 21 models of high-end agricultural machines and tools with the world's advanced level have been successfully rolled off the production line. The selection and supporting of modern agricultural machines and tools for large-scale planting of 100000 mu in cooperation with Ningjin County, Shandong Province have been completed, and the demonstration base of modern high-end agricultural machines and tools of 10000 mu Changlin is about to be built, We are exploring an operable and reproducible mode of the integration of new modernization with Chinese characteristics and agricultural modernization. All these have given Changlin group more space and ability to do more and bigger things for building modern agriculture, modern countryside and modern farmers. I enjoy doing such a meaningful thing

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