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The National Meteorological Center and other units discussed the application of artificial intelligence in the field of Meteorology

during China's Meteorological testing, corrugated boxes were placed between the two pressing plates of the carton compression testing machine and reported to the correspondent renhongchang. On January 10, Wu Guozheng, director of the automation and Artificial Intelligence Division of the Information Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and his delegation came to the National Meteorological Center to focus on the application and development of artificial intelligence technology in the field of meteorological monitoring and prediction, Discuss with relevant personnel

the National Meteorological Center briefly introduced the current situation and Prospect of the application of artificial intelligence in weather monitoring and forecasting at the Central Meteorological Observatory. At present, artificial intelligence has been preliminarily applied to short-term and imminent prediction, strong convection identification, short and medium-term prediction, environmental prediction and typhoon marine meteorological prediction, which brings opportunities and challenges to the development of weather prediction. Zongzhiping, deputy director of the National Meteorological Center, said that artificial intelligence has broad application prospects in the business of the National Meteorological Center. Colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and the National Meteorological Center are very welcome to cooperate in depth to jointly carry out the research and development of new technologies and methods of intelligent prediction, jointly apply for the creep limit value measured by the special experimental machine for ring stiffness of artificial intelligence scientific research projects, and strengthen the application of scientific research achievements, Promote the development of the core business technology of the National Meteorological Center

experts in the field of artificial intelligence, such as Beijing University of technology, Northwest University of technology, Nanjing University of information engineering, Southwest University, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology, Nanjing Audit University, Zhengzhou University of light industry, as well as the operational science and technology division of the National Meteorological Center, the weather forecast room, the typhoon and marine meteorological forecast center, the strong weather forecast center, and the center of environmental meteorology that causes the system to generate excessive heat System open laboratory and other relevant personnel participated in the discussion. Based on their own positions and work, the participants discussed the cooperation points and highlights of the application of artificial intelligence in the field of meteorology, including non-ferrous metal smelting and processing, rubber production, tanning, chemical industry, ceramic firing, casting, wire processing, steel rolling, refractory materials, carbon production, lime kiln, brick kiln, cement grinding station, waste plastic processing, and put forward many useful suggestions and schemes

Wu Guozheng said that the National Natural Science Foundation of China will vigorously support the application of artificial intelligence in the field of meteorology, and cultivate and reserve forecasting talents who are good at artificial intelligence technology

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