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NSFC inspected the national major instrument development project

on September 1, it is almost possible to replace copper products with modified nylon. On September 8, Gao Ruiping, deputy director of NSFC, and his delegation came to the school to conduct on-site investigation on the national major instrument development project led by our school (recommended by the Department) "in situ/real-time monitoring and control experimental device for film growth defects across space-time scales". The president Dou Xiankang Li Deren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Du Yun, deputy director general of the Department of science and technology of Hubei Province, and others attended the inspection meeting

the project relies on Wuhan University, led by Professor Liu Sheng, Dean of the school of power and machinery and executive dean of the Academy of Industrial Sciences. The partners include the Institute of semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Institute of high end equipment of Tsinghua University, Institute of microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, central China University of science and technology and South China University of technology

it is understood that film growth represents an important development direction of advanced manufacturing and is the foundation of chip manufacturing. China is short of "core", and the machinery manufacturing industry of semi conductive plastic film blowing machine uses high-tech body equipment and chips to fix the medium disk sample in the disk fixture, which is the country's largest trade deficit "big". Its physical and chemical processes span from mesoscopic to macroscopic spatial scales, and from femtosecond to second time scales, leaving many gaps in defect mechanism. At present, the measurement of film growth process is mostly limited to macro quantities, and there is still a great challenge to measure and track the micro process across time and space scales, resulting in the lack of effective analysis and feedback regulation of the micro mechanism of defect formation. The project proposes to develop an experimental device for in-situ/real-time measurement and regulation of film growth process across space-time scales. The established experimental device will not only help China become a world leader in the field of film growth, but also directly bring leapfrog development to the promotion of high-end devices in China, and greatly promote the development of physics, chemistry, biology and other disciplines

at the inspection meeting, Dou Xiankang thanked the National Natural Science Foundation of China for its strong support to Wuhan University, and hoped that experts could provide more valuable suggestions to the project service customers, so as to help the project successfully achieve the expected goals. He said that the university will give full support in talent team construction, interdisciplinary graduate training, laboratory site support and other aspects to ensure the smooth implementation of the project

Du Yun thanked the National Natural Science Foundation for its support to Hubei and hoped that Wuhan University would complete the project with quality and quantity by relying on its talent and discipline advantages. On behalf of the project team, Liu Sheng introduced in detail the objectives, working basis and conditions, and development plan of the project. Members of the project team also received on-site questions from the inspection expert group

after listening to the report and on-site investigation, the investigation expert group believes that the project has clear objectives, reasonable content, advanced indicators and feasible technical route. The successful development of the system will realize the in-situ/real-time measurement of defects in the growth of thin films across the space-time scale, so as to feedback and control to obtain high-quality thin films, which will effectively promote China to be in the forefront of thin film science and technology in the world, and is expected to achieve some original results in this field

the national major scientific research instrument development project (the former national major scientific research instrument and equipment development special project) aims to face the scientific frontier and national needs, take the scientific goal as the guidance, encourage and cultivate the development of exploratory scientific research instruments with original ideas, strive to support the development of original major scientific research instruments and equipment, provide more novel means and tools for scientific research, and comprehensively improve China's original innovation ability. The project was established in 2011 and is organized, implemented and managed by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. It is divided into department recommended projects and free application projects. The average amount of funding for department recommended projects is 80million yuan, and the average amount of funding for free application projects is 5million yuan

as an institution directly under the State Council that manages the National Natural Science Foundation, the Natural Science Foundation Commission, in accordance with the national guidelines, policies and plans for the development of science and technology, effectively uses the National Natural Science Foundation, supports basic research, adheres to free exploration, plays a guiding role, finds and trains scientific and technological talents, promotes scientific and technological progress and coordinated economic and social development, and gradually forms and develops research projects Three series of funding patterns for talent projects and environmental conditions projects. Adhere to the construction of innovation capacity as the main line, cultivate and bring up a large number of innovative talents as the core, focus on the construction of innovation environment, and take mechanism and system innovation as the guarantee, constantly improve the national independent innovation capacity and build an innovative country

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