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The national new energy vehicle big data alliance was established in Beijing

the development of new energy vehicles represented by pure electric vehicles in China is changing with each passing day, and big data is being heated to a familiar level by the public opinion circles and the science and technology circle. What kind of creativity will emerge from the combination of these two new technologies and new technologies? What changes will it bring to the future life of ordinary car owners? On the afternoon of the 18th, the national big data Alliance for new energy vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the "alliance") launched by Beijing University of technology and the national monitoring and Management Center for new energy vehicles was established in Beijing

according to the global times, the alliance is committed to comprehensively promoting big data mining and analysis, big data application mode, and big data standardization research, and will coordinate, integrate, develop, and utilize new energy vehicle data resources to provide high-quality data services for the government, enterprises, and the public. It is understood that the alliance was initiated and established by Beijing University of technology, FAW, Dongfeng, Chang'an, SAIC, BAIC, China Automobile Industry Association, China Society of automotive engineering, Academy of Sciences of the Ministry of communications, Chang'an University and other units. It currently includes nearly 200 units, including the national monitoring and Management Center for new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, Internet application service providers, and scientific research institutions

serving nearly 102 local factories, the alliance will organize new energy vehicle big data discussion meetings in the future, provide new energy vehicle big data development reports, publish new energy vehicle big data development white papers every year, establish big data research and development funds, integrate data resources, and carry out big data standardization research

sun Fengchun, director of the national new energy vehicle monitoring and management center and director of the National Engineering Laboratory of electric vehicles, director of the Beijing Electric Vehicle Association, continued to improve the localization rate of civil aircraft materials. In an interview with the global times at the venue, sun Fengchun, director of the Innovation Center and professor of the school of machinery and vehicles of Beijing University of technology, said that it was still a foreign country to develop smart cars, Smart cars based on new energy vehicles are important development directions, and the big data alliance of new energy vehicles is the data support for the development of new energy vehicles. Because according to the requirements of relevant national competent departments, all the data of new energy vehicles will be uploaded to this data platform, and the relevant data of smart cars based on new energy vehicles will also be uploaded to this platform in the future. These data will provide important data support for the interaction between cars and between cars and roads, so this is the basic platform for the development of smart cars

to what extent will the data collected by this platform be shared? Sunfengchun said that some of these data are open, while others cannot be fully open, because this may involve data security issues. We will classify the collected big data. The general level data can be made public in the future and shared with relevant scientific research institutions and commercial institutions. However, information that may involve personal privacy, vehicle safety and other aspects will be properly classified in strict accordance with national requirements

as for the impact of the alliance on the z-axis of the column of the gantry mechanism with new technologies such as autonomous driving, sun Fengchun said that it should be said that the impact and significance are very significant, so in the process of purchase, we will give priority to some brands with relatively high prices. Some network companies may know users' location information, consumption habits and other data, but these commercial companies cannot obtain very specific big data in vehicles. These technical data will provide more effective control strategies for the operation of smart cars in the future. The data obtained by the alliance in the future will include a large amount of data, such as the working state of each battery and motor, the driving state of vehicles during the day and at night, These data will be gradually opened under the unified and orderly arrangement of the country. We will provide basic data for the effective implementation of automatic driving control strategy on the basis of ensuring data security

sun Fengchun stressed that in the private sector, in order to ensure the privacy of users, private location data will not be collected, which will not pose any privacy problems. These data will provide important support for the development of new energy vehicles and even intelligent vehicles, as well as the application of these technologies

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