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Tianweimin, rubber expert of the Academy of Thermal Sciences, winner of the "National May Day Labor Medal"

tianweimin, rubber expert of the Academy of Thermal Sciences, winner of the "National May Day Labor Medal", is dedicated to research

using scientific and technological forces to lead the development of the rubber industry

carrying forward the spirit of model workers

from junior high school biology teachers to national excellent scientific and technological workers, two seemingly unrelated identity changes condense Tian Weimin's love for rubber research

Tian Weimin is a professor at the Rubber Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. He has been engaged in the developmental biology of tropical trees such as rubber trees for a long time and won the "National May 1st Labor Medal" this year. On May 6, I saw Tian Weimin, who was preparing to rush back to Danzhou District of the Academy of thermal sciences from Haikou. "I can't spend the weekend with my family. There are still many things to deal with in the Academy."

"Professor Tian is devoted to research. He is a person who uses his time to the extreme." Colleagues commented on him like this. In order to have more time for scientific research, he resigned as the deputy director of the rubber institute two years ago

out of his love for natural rubber, Tian Weimin never thought that scientific research was boring. He said that the soul of scientific research is innovation, so he kept thinking, constantly studying, not afraid of trial and error, electronic universal tension machine measurement system, and strive to have a viable theoretical framework in his own research field and shoulder the due and mission of scientific and technological workers

"if you want to promote the development of natural rubber industry and make a breakthrough in technology, you need to make a breakthrough in basic theoretical research." Tian Weimin said that he was lucky. In the 1990s, he studied under two teachers, Hao Bingzhong and Wu Jilin, the "rubber couple", which enabled him to identify the research field and direction and make unremitting efforts for it

practicing, Tian Weimin kept thinking, how can rubber trees produce high and stable yields? The number of laticifers is the main reason to determine the rubber production, and whether the rubber synthesis efficiency and laticifer differentiation ability are closely related to the rubber production potential? Following this direction, he studied the regulation factors of rubber synthesis efficiency, the regulation factors of the number of latex tubes in rubber trees and the reasons for stopping rubber discharge through countless experiments, and established the identification and evaluation technology of latex tube differentiation ability and rubber synthesis efficiency

as the director of the Key Laboratory of rubber tree biology and genetic resources utilization of the Ministry of agriculture, Tian Weimin led his team to start the whole genome sequencing of rubber trees. He has undertaken more than 10 projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the 948 project, the 973 preliminary research project, the 973 project, and the national natural rubber industry technology system project, A number of innovative research achievements have been made in the field of nitrogen storage in tree vegetative organs, regulation of rubber tree yield formation and yield breeding, which laid a good foundation for realizing genotype directed selection of rubber tree yield traits and improving breeding efficiency

in scientific research, we should not only endure loneliness, but also have curiosity. In order to break through a key technology, Tian Weimin can stay in the laboratory for several months, studying the experimental manual, consulting relevant materials, and consulting professional tutors

"teachers, so the main products of preaching and teaching are high-end aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy and alloy steel forgings." Tian Weimin, a former biology teacher at Baojing ethnic middle school in Hunan Province, always kept this sentence in mind. The Xinjiang government announced that it would shut down the electrolytic aluminum production capacity under construction. Later, from biology teaching to scientific research, the work has changed a lot, but academic leader Tian Weimin is still willing to be a ladder. As far as the research direction of the subject is concerned, it will prompt you to go back and take guidance at any time, ranging from the revision of the professional title evaluation form of the unit to the teaching of students, there are no details. Over the years, a number of outstanding scientific and technological talents have emerged from the graduate team he trained

from junior high school biology teaching to natural rubber science and technology research, Tian Weimin completed a magnificent turn in more than 20 years. He went to agricultural school for further study and devoted himself to research. He not only obtained invention patents and published works, but also published more than 100 academic papers in authoritative academic journals, of which more than 40 were included in SCI

"the development pattern of the rubber industry is changing from the pursuit of output to the pursuit of quality, which means that scientific researchers shoulder a greater responsibility." Tian Weimin said that the scientific and technological workers in China's natural rubber industry have entered the third generation. Our generation of scientific researchers should be up to the times, use the power of science and technology to ensure the needs of national strategic development, serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and innovate boldly to lead industrial development in a larger pattern

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