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In order to further implement the spirit of the party building work of state machinery group and the work conference of Party style, clean government construction and anti-corruption, on January 29, Sinomach held the 2018 annual party building work conference and the work conference on party conduct, clean government construction and anti-corruption at the headquarters, which was presided over by Wang Weiyan, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Sinomach

meeting site

Wu peiguo, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Sinomach

at the meeting, Wu peiguo, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Sinomach, made a report on the work of the Party committee entitled "improving the political position, unifying thoughts and actions to provide a strong guarantee for the decisive battle 2018 of the group company", comprehensively summarized and reviewed the party building work of Sinomach in 2017, and analyzed the shortcomings of the current party building work, Further improve the political position and ensure the role of the leadership core and political core of the party organization; Consolidate the ability of grass-roots organizations and compact the party building work layer by layer; Strictly manage cadres and build a cadre talent team with "excellent politics and high skills"; Adhere to the style of rectification, discipline elimination and transformation, and promote the in-depth development of strictly administering the party; Strengthen publicity and guidance, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, condense the positive energy of the decisive battle 2018, focus on the annual business work closely around the work requirements of "Three Guarantees, four clearances, and five breakthroughs", realize the unity of thinking, the same direction of objectives, and the synchronization of actions between Party building and enterprise production and operation, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for the decisive battle 2018 of the group company

Liu Guoqiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union of Sinomach

Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Sinomach, Secretary of the discipline inspection commission that the Internet has penetrated all aspects of economic and social life Eight aspects put forward clear work requirements, including consolidating and expanding the spiritual achievements of the implementation of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, consolidating and developing the overwhelming trend of the anti-corruption struggle, Comprehensively Strengthening the party's discipline construction, strengthening the "two", promoting the effective implementation of efficiency supervision, the more accurate the measurement results, and building a team of discipline inspection and supervision cadres

on site work report

at the meeting, the Party committee secretaries and Discipline Inspection Commission secretaries of the six affiliated enterprises carried out on-site work reports respectively. On the basis of on-site questions, an on-site evaluation link was added to the work report personnel. Wu peiguo, Secretary of the Party committee, made an overall comment on the work report of the party construction of the six enterprises, and asked all enterprises to further strengthen the grass-roots party construction work, accurately benchmark and rectify in place, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the level of Party construction work

signing letter

during the meeting, the Party committee of Sinomach also signed a letter on the construction of a clean and honest government with the Party committee (general branch) secretaries of secondary enterprises, and carried out the work of "one report and two comments" for leading cadres

nearly 50 leaders of Sinomach heavy industry, cadres at or above the middle level of the headquarters, the main principals of the party and government of the affiliated enterprises, the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the chairman of the trade union attended the meeting

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