The hottest painted chopsticks in Ningbo are many.

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Ningbo painted chopsticks are often boiled, and the paint on chopsticks falls off

a few days ago, the mother of Miss Li, a citizen, celebrated her birthday. In order to celebrate, she bought her mother a set of red painted chopsticks. Recently, she found that the paint had fallen off at the end of the chopsticks. Miss Li was worried about the danger of paint eating in her stomach in the plan, so she called the manufacturer and got the reply that in the development of domestic large aircraft, it was painted with environmentally friendly paint

is there any edible paint? Will paint chopsticks react when heated? Our Minsheng laboratory did a simple experiment and consulted relevant departments and manufacturers on the experimental results

painted chopsticks are sold much in the market, especially children's chopsticks

recently, I went to the big supermarkets in dashani street, Rixin street and other places, checked in the tableware area, and found that painted chopsticks have become an important role in the chopsticks Market. There are red, black and colored chopsticks, especially children's chopsticks, which are also painted into various cartoon patterns, which is very beautiful

a woman surnamed Zhou who was choosing chopsticks for her child said that when her child ate at school, he saw that other children used good-looking chopsticks, and he had always asked her mother to help buy a pair of cartoon chopsticks. Therefore, the only criterion for her to buy chopsticks was that the pattern should be good-looking. As for whether such chopsticks had potential health hazards, she had not considered it

looking at the price, the price of two pairs of red Wuxi Xingda painted chopsticks is mostly about 10 yuan, which is in sharp contrast to the price of about 2 yuan per pair of ordinary unpainted bamboo chopsticks

after the experiment was boiled in water for a few minutes, the house was full of paint smell

on December 17, paint chopsticks produced by different manufacturers were purchased from several supermarkets. On the packaging paper of these chopsticks, almost all manufacturers write similar instructions: "the surface of this product is made of environmentally friendly paint, please rest assured to use..."

is the paint really environmentally friendly? Will it release peculiar smell? The Minsheng Laboratory of our newspaper carried out a simple experiment: wash a set of 6 pairs of red lacquer chopsticks, put them into a pot with clean water, cover the pot and heat it

2 minutes: the water in the pot is not boiling. Open the lid of the pot, and there is a slight smell of paint floating with the steam. Cover the pot and the smell disappears

5 minutes: the water in the pot boils, and the house begins to smell of paint

7 minutes: the paint smell became stronger and began to choke, so the fire had to be turned off

after taking out the chopsticks from the pot, I found that the paint on both ends of the chopsticks softened, even melted and fell off

use the same method to test chopsticks produced by other manufacturers, and the situation is basically the same

experimental conclusion: paint chopsticks are easy to release paint smell when they are heated, and there are occasional signs of paint falling off. Obviously, using this kind of chopsticks to steam vegetables in bowls is definitely not good

the manufacturer's environmental protection paint is not edible paint. Chopsticks should be changed once every three months

after the experiment and interview, contact one of the chopsticks manufacturers

: is the paint used in chopsticks safe for the health of users

manufacturer customer service: the paint we use is environmentally friendly paint, which has passed the relevant standards of the European Union and the United States

: after using for a period of time, the paint on one end of the dish falls off, and the paint enters the human body with the food. Does it have an impact on health

manufacturer customer service: if you can make an accurate test and the paint falls off, the amount of the fallen paint entering the human body is not large, which will not affect your health. However, environmental friendly paint is also paint after all. Customers are advised to replace chopsticks after the paint falls off. In order to ensure health, it is recommended to replace chopsticks every 3 months

the quality supervision department has no paint dedicated to chopsticks

China Inspection and Certification Group Ningbo Company is a third-party inspection, identification, certification and testing organization. The staff of the company in charge of consumer goods inspection said that they had not inspected tableware products with paint as the outer coating in the daily inspection. The staff member also said that according to her understanding, paint cannot be used for tableware

the staff of the physical and chemical analysis center of the Municipal Institute of product quality supervision and inspection under Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that the state has relevant quality standards for disposable chopsticks, but there are no quality standards for non disposable chopsticks, especially painted chopsticks. In addition, there are relevant national standards for paint used in toy products, but there are no standards for chopsticks. Because paints are all chemicals after all, no paint is absolutely environmental friendly

according to the inquiry, in fact, as early as five years ago, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision issued a consumption tip on the purchase of painted chopsticks: painted chopsticks are detrimental to health from a health point of view. Most of the paint contains toxic chemical components. When people eat with paint chopsticks, especially after the paint falls off and enters the stomach with food, harmful substances such as lead and chromium enter the human body and accumulate, chronic poisoning may occur

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