The hottest painter can become a 10000 yuan househ

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Painters can be 10000 yuan households per month

painters can be 10000 yuan households per month

May 12, 2010

[China paint information] Chongqing human resources and Social Security Bureau released the wage guidance price of this year's human resources market the day before yesterday. Of the 323 types of work closely monitored, about 85% of the post wage guidance price increased compared with the fourth quarter of last year, with an increase of more than 100 yuan. Among them, construction painters among technicians increased the most. The high, medium and low wages of this type of work increased from 2000 yuan, 1200 yuan and 950 yuan in the fourth quarter of last year to 2900 yuan, 2000 yuan and 1550 yuan respectively

painters generally earn 150 yuan per day

the salary guidance price shows that the high salary of construction painters is 2900 yuan. Xie Mingguo, the site head of Chongqing Tongtu Municipal Construction Co., Ltd., said that the company's construction painters, whose high salary in January, can earn more than 10000 yuan for the insulation of aerogel gel, including three heat transfer mechanisms. "Their wages have been rising in recent years." He said that the monthly salary of the company's construction painters working at heights, including overtime wages, is generally 89000 yuan. Indoor construction painters usually earn 150 yuan a day and 5000 or 6000 yuan a month

one or two hundred yuan a day. If only looking at the income, buildings such as polymer materials have a high elongation, painters can be regarded as white-collar workers in Chongqing

high requirements for construction painters

"180 yuan per day, is this money easy to take?" Xie Mingguo shook his head. He said that to achieve this income standard, we need to take comprehensive consideration from the aspects of physical condition, work quantity, quality and safety. "You can't pay casually. It depends on your ability."

he said that the paint was poisonous and had a strong pungent smell, which was too bad to carry. Painters who work high above the ground need to earn 180 yuan a day. They are required to paint 60 or 70 square meters a day with good quality. If you want to become a 10000 yuan household every month, you have to work about 15 hours a day. He said that if you are new to the industry, your daily income is only 50 or 60 yuan. "If you include overtime wages, it will be 2000 or 3000 yuan in January."

he attributed the high salary and rapid increase of construction painters to the following reasons: at present, the Rockwell hardness tester with the highest market share of electronic universal testing machine, hardness tester and other series is the Rockwell hardness tester. The price rises rapidly, and the work is very hard. Until April 2016, ordinary people are unwilling to do it

the monthly salary of vehicle painters is tens of thousands of Yuan

it is reported that there are many kinds of painters. Construction painters are the most common kind. Xiemingguo, who has painted for more than 20 years, said that painters also include painters of furniture and vehicles (cars, ships, aircraft)

it is understood that the highest paid painters may be those who paint world-famous cars such as Mercedes Benz and BMW, because of their higher technical content. Data shows that these workers earn tens of thousands of yuan a month

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