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Painter turns into "Spider Man" and climbs the 27 story high building like walking on the ground

painter turns into "Spider Man" and climbs the 27 story high building like walking on the ground

February 25th, 2013

[China paint information] he was originally a painter. The experience of painting the outer walls of high-rise buildings made him easily incarnate as "Spider Man", climbing a 27 story building, and he walked on the ground. He also sells and installs anti-theft door locks, so there are almost no locks that he can't open. An accident and a huge amount of compensation made him mentally unbalanced and became a high-rise robber. He committed more than 100 crimes, worth millions of yuan

the car of three high-rise residents was stolen

on the evening of October 2 last year, Mr. Wei, who lives in zhenhuiyuan community, Binhu Century City, habitually left his car key on the living room table after returning home. Unexpectedly, spider man invaded that night

the next morning, Mr. Wei was ready to go out. He took out his wallet from the drawer and immediately felt something wrong. The wallet was deflated and there was no 3000 yuan cash left in it. Soon he found that the car key was also missing. He ran to the underground garage, and the fox car disappeared

the anti-theft door lock is intact, and someone turns over the window and enters? However, his family lives on the 20th floor, which he can't believe. However, you can't believe it. That night, a thin knapsack man quietly appeared on the roof

this man took out the fire escape rope and belt from his bag, fixed the rope on the guardrail on the roof, tied the belt around his waist, hooked the escape rope, grabbed the rope, hung down from the roof like a giant spider, and stopped outside the living room window of Mr. Wei's house in the blink of an eye

three days later, the mysterious "Spider Man" invaded a family on the 27th floor of Wangjiang Garden community, which is 28 stories high. He turned in from the living room window, took the owner's car key from the shoe cabinet, and drove a great wall Haval H3 SUV

on the morning of October 23, another case occurred in Wangjiang Garden community, where a Buick Kaiyue car was stolen at night. The owner of the car clearly remembered that he conveniently left his car key on the shoe cabinet after returning home the day before yesterday. The door lock was intact, and the police found that the kitchen screen window of the household on the 14th floor had been opened

the thief drove the stolen car and continued to commit the crime

according to the similarities of the three cases, Baohe police decided to investigate the case together

an investigation was carried out around Wangjiang Garden community, and the police accidentally found the trace of Mr. Wei's stolen fox car. Community monitoring in February 2014 showed that the fox car drove into the community on the evening of the 22nd and out in the early morning of the next day. About ten minutes later, a man walked into the community and drove the Kaiyue car

on January 19 this year, another major burglary occurred in huijieyuan community, Century City, Binhu. The car interior of the victim's family is an important source of air pollution in the car. A large number of precious drinks, computers, and a dozen strings of mahogany Buddha beads were stolen. In addition to the trace of the stolen Kaiyue car, the special police also found the Great Wall Haval SUV that had disappeared for several months near the crime scene

in other words, car thieves drive stolen cars and commit major crimes again

the police of the special task force launched a carpet search

On January 25, the police found the stolen Kaiyue car in the free underground garage of Binhu century city. A big picture was then secretly rolled out

in the afternoon of January 28, a man walked towards the stolen car and was successfully captured by the ambush police. Subsequently, the police found two other stolen cars. All three cars have been replaced with fake license plates

in the suspected man's home, the police seized so many cigarettes and alcohol, televisions, laptops, jewelry, high-end men's clothing, stamps, calligraphy and painting that even the police handling the case were shocked. "The stolen goods were registered for several hours." A policeman told

was sentenced to high compensation and wanted to "make up" by stealing.

suspect Li, born in 1977, lives in Shixin Garden community. Before committing a crime, he was engaged in the paint industry. Li said that the reason why he stole was due to psychological imbalance. Li was in a good economic situation, Polyamide (nylon also bought a car for Jin min and always focused on technological innovation rental. In 2008, Li Mou's car was rented out and had a traffic accident. The driver drove without a license and hit the dead. Therefore, Li Mou was jointly and severally liable for the law and was sentenced by the court to compensate 160000 yuan. This dealt a huge blow to Li Mou, and he gradually developed the idea of theft.

at that time, in addition to painting, Li Mou also promoted the locks of anti-theft doors in various communities of Binhu Century City, in addition to With a set of unlocking tools, Li also learned the "good skill" of unlocking

addicted to theft, he wants to pry at the door when he sees it

because he has been successful repeatedly, Li is becoming more and more rampant. Wang Zhengdong, a policeman, said that because there were too many "Booties", Li took turns driving stolen cars to the scene to carry them

although the amount of stolen goods collected from Mr. Li's family has been amazing, Mr. Li said that he has sold many cigarettes, alcohol and electronic products. "There are more than 100 burglar proof doors I have opened." Li said that he was addicted. "When you see the door, you want to open it and see if there is anything inside that you can take away." According to the police, Li's theft tracks are all over Baohe, Shushan and high-rise residential buildings in the economic development zone. At present, Li has been arrested and the case is still under further investigation

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