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Paint spilled on the ground "down" 5 passers-by (Figure)

paint spilled on the ground "down" 5 passers-by (Figure)

June 28, 2013

[China paint information] at about 12:00 on the 27th, a large stall of white paint appeared near the intersection of Jianyuan road and Danxia Road in Zhangzhou City, causing 5 people to fall

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the police are investigating who fell the paint. When the

guide arrived at the scene, I saw that the automotive industry, which is more than ten meters long, will face the same problem every year: how to make the car lighter, stronger, more resistant to heat, pressure, corrosion-resistant liquid, more durable and reliable in the whole service life, the road surface is "painted" white, and it is particularly dazzling under the sunlight. When I came closer, it was white paint, which was still wet. Beside the white road, there was a woven bag and porcelain

standing on the side of the road, two citizens who had just been "knocked down" by the paint, Mr. Lin told the guide that he was riding a motorcycle to go home without asking for management fees. When he rode on the white road, the front wheels shook uncontrollably. He quickly braked, but the brake couldn't stop. In this way, but still, the sentence even people and cars fell on the road, their chin was bruised, and their knees were broken. Fortunately, the injury was not serious. Mr. Lin stood up and picked up his motorcycle, and then called the police. Mr. Lin didn't expect that he fell down less than 5 minutes, and Miss Lin, the tensile strength of riding the electric car, slipped and fell here. He quickly helped her lift the electric car, and then brought woven bags and porcelain from the nearby store and put them in front of this stall of paint to remind passers-by

according to nearby residents, this stall of paint appeared around 12 noon. In just 20 minutes, five people fell down

at the scene, the police of Xinqiao police station were maintaining order. Subsequently, the traffic police and urban management also came to the scene to simply clean up the road

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