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Changsha logistics park paint storage site on fire all paint burned out

Changsha logistics park paint storage site on fire all paint burned out

October 25th, 2013

[China paint information] at about 13:00 on October 24, a paint storage site in Jinbo logistics park, Longping Road, Changsha caught fire. Witnesses said that the fire lasted more than an hour and a half and "smoke rose more than 20 meters high"

the paint storage site, which was on fire at 6 a.m. on the 20th, is located between No. 29, fishing village, Jinbo logistics park and a tea company. There is no house number or plaque. At about 15:00, the fire was extinguished and four fire engines were evacuated from the scene. Half of the wall on the left side of the back door of the storage site was burnt down, and the scale of the gold new materials industry may reach 2trillion yuan this year. The ceiling was completely burnt down, and all the stored paint was burned. All power lines over the house were burnt out

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on October 24, a paint storage site in Changsha Jinbo Logistics Park caught fire

witnesses said that there was only one female staff member working at the storage site. "The fire burns from the inside out, which is probably caused by cooking.". According to eyewitness feedback, after the fire, the female staff in the paint storage site quickly escaped, and the personnel in the nearby houses affected by the fire were also safely evacuated, with no casualties

the staff of the warehouse near the fire site said that the paint storage site was an illegal building, "the urban management came three times and they were not allowed to build it. But they still built it to store the paint. The paint burned today was shipped in the morning."

No. 29 residential building in Yuchang village, which is close to the paint storage site of the strategic supplier providing innovative material solutions, was also affected. The ceiling of a utility room was burned through, the accumulated materials were burned, and the kitchen was burned so that the wall was cracked and raised. The homeowner said "the loss is at least 10000 yuan". He said that the owner of the paint storage site had not appeared after the fire, and no one came forward to claim responsibility for the matter and compensate for the losses

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