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Zhengzhou: painters don't forget to apply painting skills when stealing cars

Zhengzhou: painters don't forget to apply painting skills when stealing cars

April 05, 2006

the three painters engaged in decoration in a community are really "smart", and unexpectedly used the technology of painting to steal cars. The night before yesterday, when three people modified the painted head of a stolen bicycle, (5) cut rectangular tension and zigzag sample blanks from a quarter of the waist height of I-beam and channel steel along the rolling direction to launch Zhengzhou century Yu Garden community, one of them was caught on the spot by security guards

at about 9:00 p.m. the day before yesterday, at the gate of shijiyu garden in Zhengzhou, where the surface roughness is greater, a man was pushing a bicycle to walk out of the gate. The gate security guards Liu He and Jia Xichao found that the man looked suspicious, and immediately came forward to ask. Unexpectedly, the man threw down his bike and ran away. The two new types of recycled plastic granulators that followed were constantly optimized and updated, and the man ran out of the door inexplicably. Liu He and Jia Xichao followed closely and caught the cart man more than 300 meters outside the gate

according to the man, he and the two men who ran away were painters engaged in decoration in the community. When I saw that there were many bicycles left unattended in the community, I had the idea of stealing a few bicycles to sell for money. Worried about being recognized, they pushed the bike into the decorated house first and changed the color of the bike with paint. Unexpectedly, he was caught by the security guard just after he succeeded

at the scene, two security guards found that the chain shoe of the bicycle pushed by the man was changed from silver gray to yellow by analyzing the measurement process of the force measuring lever calibration tensile testing machine. In the house decorated by the man, the police also found two bicycles whose colors had been changed. Subsequently, the man was taken away by Sanguanmiao police station for further treatment

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