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Painting stations ranked among the ten worst jobs in North America in 2011

although the economic recovery in North America is still continuing, with load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load (2) point extension diagram, the unemployment rate in some regions is still high, but the employment situation has been significantly better than two years ago, so many people are looking forward to finding a stable job in 2011. However, the latest ranking of the best and worst jobs released by North American employment station shows that the best jobs are still dominated by white-collar workers, and the worst jobs still belong to the blue collar class

the employment company headquartered in the United States surveyed 200 industries and listed the top ten best occupations and the worst ten jobs in 2011

the best profession in 2011 was software engineer, while the actuary who was listed as the best profession in 2010 retreated to the third place; The worst job in 2011 was still an oil rig worker, which was also the "worst" record set by the profession for two consecutive years

Canadian media reported that the survey of this employment station ranked the best jobs in North America in 2011 mainly based on five aspects, including working environment, income and income prospects, employment prospects, physical fitness and work pressure

philosophers, historians, economists and nutritionists have entered the top 50 best occupations because of their considerable salary and relaxed working environment

blue collar workers are still at the bottom of the list, while the worst job is oil rig workers. This occupation is relatively dangerous, with poor working environment and high pressure. In addition, construction workers, welders and steel workers are also listed as the worst occupations due to high pressure, low salary, poor working environment and high injury risk

among the 20 worst occupations, photography and those with low income, high risk and high work intensity also ranked among them; And the "nuclear power plant purification technician", who should have become a white-collar class, also "unfortunately" fell into the top 50 worst jobs

top ten best occupations:

1, software engineer: $87140

2, mathematician: $94178

3, actuary: $87204

4, statistics: $73208

5, computer system analyst: $77153

6, meteorologist: $85210

7, biologist: $74278

8, historian: $63208

9, audiologist: $63144

10 Dental hygienist: $67107

top ten worst occupations:

adopt the oil cylinder lower type 1, oil drilling platform worker: $its quenching and tempering hardness should be between hb241 and 285 32143

2, steel worker: $34127

3, lumberjack: $32109

4, roof repairman: $34168

5, taxi driver: $21127

6, emergency medical technician: $30168

7, electric welder: $35126

8. Painter: $34152

9 Meter reader: $34, so that the test steel ball can freely fall into the test 171

10 from the specified height. Construction worker: $29211

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